5 Ways To Decorate A Minimalistic Hallway

Sleek long hallways. Fashion-forward foyers. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and clean. That’s the minimalistic way of life. And decorating your hallways (or even just your main hallway or staircases) with that style in mind, your home will can feel rejuvenated, refreshed and elegantly refined. Now let’s take a look and see how you can create a minimalistic hallway to keep your home stylish and chic.

1. Keep it monochromatic.

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Staying with the same color adds to a fresh and clean feel. It’s simple and sleek but you can still add a ton of interest. Add statutes or 3-D wall art that shares the neutral shades to add texture without using too much color and chaos. Whites, grays and other types of creams are especially great for using this 3-D simplicity technique. If you want any type of entryway buffet, side table or chair, make sure you keep with the neutrality.

2. Contrast big spaces.

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Use dark colors if you have a bigger hallway. If you use a dark color in a smaller space it will just seem smaller and that’s never good. But if you have the space, paint the hallway with a bolder color then add contrasts to the walls. For example, painting the area black then adding just a few bright white wall accessories will make for a chic, sophisticated area.

3. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors.

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Mirrors are great for decorating with simple styles. They’re chic and add natural light and space without creating chaos. They work great with neutrals too. Add several or just a couple of larger mirrors. And that’s it! It’s light, simple and incredibly sophisticated.

4. Stripes and things.

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For interest, fashion and a bit of texture try out a pattern! Stripes are great because they will elongate the hall. But if you use neutral colors and keep the walls clean, it’ll still be super minimalistic and nice. Perfect for a fun pop when you have nice and clean rooms in the rest of the house. One picture or two is fine, but don’t go over board with any home accessories, it’ll take away from the minimal look and create too much for the eye to focus on.

5. Small and interesting.

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If you want to add some fun, home accessories to the walls keep it small. And don’t add more than two. If you see something super funky and unique, grab it! Hang it up! You’ll still have a minimalistic hallway but with a little bit of pizazz. Fun pieces to put your keys up or a place to put small trinkets. Just don’t add wall art or candle sconces to the mix!