5 Simple, Soothing Home Decor Pieces

You don’t need to have the most extravagantly decorated home around. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a house that’s simple and soothing. A timeless place to rest at night and cook up a nice dinner for the family. Of course, if you’re looking into creating a calm home, you’ve still got to keep a bit of style in mind. Pick out some relaxing color combos and then start looking into some design pieces that enhance your serene theme. And that’s where we come in, here’s a few ways to create a simple, soothing home using simple, soothing decor pieces.

1. Watercolor prints.

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Soft, watercolor art is a good way to dress your walls without being too brash or too bold. Watercolor prints blend in well with neutral walls and are easy on the eyes. A colorful canvas or a picture that echoes the rain, all look great over the master bed or mantle. You can even create your own piece of art by grabbing a blank canvas and some of your own watercolors to paint with.

2. Wispy curtains.

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Stiff curtains just aren’t as pretty as the lighter, airier types. Double them up to create volume and then just let them flow. It’ll add a calm feeling to any room, even those with large, head-to-toe, windows and even a little romance to the bedroom. And it doesn’t even matter what colors you use. With these chiffon-type curtains, even bolder colors can be kept serene.

3. Pretty candles.

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It’s said over and over because so many people don’t realize their effect. Candles are stylish and they create an ambiance unlike any other home accessory. Whether it’s just a single tea light ton the nightstand or a large candelabra on the dining room table, candles create serenity/

4. Stacks of books.

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Pile them on the bookcase, on the stairs or side table. Stacks of books aren’t just for entertainment purpose. They’re cozy! Just like curling up on your big, comfy couch with a hot cup of coffee and your latest and greatest read, the mere sight of books can create a calm atmosphere.

5. Organic greenery.

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Nothing plastic will work. Organic, green plants are just that … organic! They create a sense of natural beauty, which is always more soothing than bold, grandiose decor. You don’t go to a spa and see ornate gold mirrors and tables. Instead you go to a spa and see beautiful blue hues and plants growing in every corner.

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