5 Place Settings Ideas For Your New Year’s Eve Dinner Party

The new year is right around the corner. And, I’m sure a lot of you are preparing your homes and menus for a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner! Champagne, baked ham, beautifully made hors d’oeuvres, yummy little desserts and lots of great music. But have you thought about the tablescape yet? What plates will you use? What table runner will you get out? Will you add place cards for your guests or maybe some embellishments to liven things up? Have no fear. We’ve rallied up some great ideas for you and your dining room table. Grab some inspiration and create a place setting that you can ring in the new year with!

1. Simplicity.

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There is no going wrong with just a pinch of black and white. It’s crisp, clean and classic. If you don’t want to make too much a fuss at the table, make everything super simple and sleek. Your food will be the stars of the show and the style of the night. Just add a light ribbon to tie off the look.

2. Fun.

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Think about adding something a little playful to each place setting. Kind of like a party favor, having a little baggie of confetti or even a little hat at each person’s spot will be a nice little surprise. Add a handwritten note to make things more personalized too. And this little idea can be used for any type of vision you have for your table. From grandiose and full of sparkle to simple and clean.

3. Ultra-feminine.

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Play up your favorites with a bit of sparkle to make everything look a bit more festive. If you love all-things girly like florals and blush pink, then use that to your advantage. Pair them with some glittering golds for a party feel and add a party blower to each setting for when the strike of midnight rolls around!

4. Drama.

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Dark, dramatic, but still extremely elegant. Pair black linens with some metallic gold plates and silverware. It pops, makes a statement but still seems festive enough to celebrate with. Then some add some tea lights around the table for a light, warm glow. It’s a bit romantic too, don’t you think?

5. Glitter.

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What’s New Year’s without some glitter? Whether you’ve added a bunch of table confetti or every piece of your place setting is full of wonderful metallic glitter, it’s only right to incorporate just a smidgen of the quintessential sign of the new year! Use  some sparkly linens, shining plates or even a glittering vase to complete the look.