5 Beautifully Dramatic Color Choices

Redecorating the house can be one of the most fun adventures you could have, especially when your bold enough to break the boundaries. Not everyone has the guts to use deeper, darker or even brighter colors throughout the house. But, if you do have that extra bit of gusto to take your house into a fashion-forward overload, then maybe these beautiful, dramatic colors are right for you! Maybe some of our choices will help to inspire your next home makeover. Check them out now!

1. Lava.

Master small bedroom

This deep red has the potential to be a gorgeous showstopper. Pick an unsuspecting space like the foyer, hallway or even in the dining room. When your guests arrive and encounter your wall or sofa dressed in this rich, lava-like red – they’ll be completely wowed and awestruck by it’s vibrancy and drama. It’s a definite commitment!

2. Midnight.

Master small bedroom

No matter the shade, blue will always add a touch of serenity and relaxation to whatever it touches. But when you use a deep, midnight blue – you will also be getting the drama. And what’s great about midnight is that you can easily use it in big spaces and in completion. An entire living room covered in this blue will look warm, inviting and confidently styled.

3. Onyx.

Master small bedroom

Black as black, onyx is one of the boldest of dramatic choices. But you cannot use it in excess, even in your bigger rooms – because it will cut it down to size way too much. But one wall or one giant piece of furniture will leave a mark of classic sophistication and beautiful drama.

4. Mink.

Master small bedroom

Chocolate with a bit of sassy auburn highlights, mink is an unusual way to spruce up a Victorian-inspired home. Or one that’s full of eclectic bits and pieces. You can do a lot of wonderfully feminine touches with a mink-colored coat of paint. But you can also incorporate some masculine appeals and lots of contemporary flair.

5. Wine.

Master small bedroom

Deep purple, with a hint of red bits, wine is the color of royalty but it’s also a wonderful color to incorporate into literally, any part of your home. That is, any part of your home you’d like a punch of power and drama included. The kitchen is an easy way to try it out but how wonderful would a beautifully decorate, wine-colored home office look? Or a wine-colored bedroom for a mellow, bold statement.

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