10 Unconventional Ways to Display Plants

Houseplants can be a great decorative feature in any home. They can also help to improve air quality, cover up bad scents and muffle loud noises. The benefits to keeping plants around are plentiful, but so are the different ways to display them. Of course you can keep plants in traditional pots or in a windowsill garden, but there are many other, more creative ways to consider. Here are ten of them.

In Frames.


Use a large frame and some wire to hang plants vertically on your wall. This works best with low maintenance plants like succulents. They can become a main focal point or piece of art in your room.

In Kitchen Containers.


A little more traditional, you can simply replace a plain old planting pot with a container from your kitchen, like a teapot or ceramic dish.

In Letters.


Many craft and home stores sell wooden or cardboard letters that you can hollow out and add flowers or other plants. Use it to make your initials or a short welcome message.

Hanging From The Ceiling.


Hanging plants isn’t necessarily a new concept, but there are all kinds of creative ways to display your hanging plants without resorting to the same old potted plant with a hook.

In Vertical Gardens.


Planting an entire garden can be rewarding, but it can also take up a lot of space. But using window boxes or other hardware to create a garden up and down your wall or fence can save space and create an interesting focal point.

In Furniture.


If you don’t want to add extra pieces to your rooms, simply keep the plants in and on your furniture. There are plenty of specialty pieces available that offer space specifically for plants.

In Books.


Old books can make great planters when you hollow out a bit of the inside. They can be great conversation pieces and would fit especially well in a home library or office.

In Terrariums.


Terrariums have been used to house plants for years, but these glass containers can be used in a variety of different ways and for a variety of different plants. Get creative with it!

In Drawers.


Small or large drawers can house many different types of plants. Just keep them in normal pots or containers and put the entire piece into your drawer. And just leave it open so your plants can get their necessary sunlight.

In Everyday Items.


There are plenty of items you see and use everyday that can actually store plants. Light bulbs, seashells, shoes, cement blocks, and many more items can be used to hold plants.

Looking great is just one of the benefits of keeping plants around your home. But gone are the days you can only keep your plants in plain old pots. Get creative and have fun finding new ways to display plants around your home.

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