10 Sliding interior doors – a practical and stylish alternative for all types of homes

Even though they’re not as common or popular as bi-fold doors or other types of doors, sliding doors have their set of advantages. They are quite common in wardrobes and closets but not so much in the interior. It’s mostly because, unlike in the case of wardrobes, a sliding interior door needs additional space in order to be installed. It takes double the space needed for a regular door. Still, It can be very practical and useful in certain cases.

Sliding doors livingView in gallery
Traditional cottage with sliding French doors separating the entrance from the living area

A sliding interior door could be used for the hallway. Considering that the hallway is usually a transitional space mostly decorated with photos, artwork and storage units, it should feature enough space to accommodate a sliding door. But putting all the concerns related to space aside, sliding interior doors tend to be a bit more stylish and chic than most regular doors. They accommodate simplicity easier and it’s easier to have a minimalist sliding door than minimalist bi-fold doors.

Office sliding doorView in gallery
Modern home office with a simple wooden sliding door
Hiden office designView in gallery
Modern home office with rich wooden furniture and a matching sliding door
Sliding door bedroomView in gallery
Spacious loft bedroom with sleek and delicate sliding doors
Sliding doors officeView in gallery
Small home office hidden behind wooden sliding doors near the stairway
Saving space sliding doorView in gallery
Spacious basement remodeled into a modern home office with sleek sliding doors
Wood sliding doorView in gallery
Imposing sliding barn door placed at the entryway of a traditional home
Sliding door for hidden officeView in gallery
Contemporary interior with a small office inside the living room
Reading corner2View in gallery
Inviting living room with an eclectic interior and elegant sliding doors
Solid wood doorView in gallery
Spacious home office with a contemporary décor and heavy wooden sliding doors

Sliding interior doors are perfect for hiding a room and maintaining a minimalist interior décor. Still, this doesn’t connect them to a particular style. You can have rustic sliding doors, modern, traditional, contemporary or vintage sliding doors. There is a large variety of designs and models to choose from and the differences between them can be quite big. We have selected a series of interior featuring sliding doors with different designs, styles, shapes and sizes.

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