10 Inspiring Flower Chairs

Spring is the so called season of flowers. It is one of the most spectacular seasons when nature comes to life again and shows you its wonderful living beauties. It is the moment when everything begins a new life. The environment gets color and life.

If you are a sensitive person, you love flowers and they inspire you for your home decorations, here you will see some flower chairs which can bring you some color and sensitivity from this beautiful season into your house.

1. An Outdoor Bunga Chair

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“Bunga” is a word which means “flower”. Actually the designer proposes you a set of furniture which includes a table and some chairs which all together form a beautiful flower.The round table is the center part of the flower and the chairs are the petals.It is a funny and elegant kids set of furniture but adults will appreciate too.

2. Black Rose Chairs

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The designer Carla Tolomeo presents you some interesting, elegant rose chairs. Their impressive size and the velvet used as a material make you think of elegant and luxurious interior designs. Their big shape and dark color underline sobriety and refinement.If you choose these types of chairs for your elegant living room they will be the eye catching items for all your guests who will definitely appreciate your refined style.

3. The Bouquet Chair

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Flowers are fragile and soft. These features also characterize the “bouquet” chairs designed by Yoshioka Tokujin.These types of chairs look like beautiful colored flowers with many petals. Their petals offer you a soft and comfortable place to sit. If you intend to use it, it will create a lovely, colorful atmosphere which will make you feel that spring has entered your house.

4. Modern, Unique Interior Design Chair

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Colorful, warm interiors have always created a pleasant atmosphere. They inspired you a peaceful, joyful mood where you could enjoy all the comfort you need it.This modern type of chair is an important element which can help you create this kind of atmosphere.It looks like a flower which blossoms, made of fake leather. It is a comfortable place to sit and made of durable materials.

5. Fabric Flower Chair

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Elegance, strength and color are adjectives which characterize this fabric flower chair.It is a strong built chair, covered in durable 600 denier fabric and sustained by a metallic frame.It has the shape of a beautiful five petals flower which assures you all the comfort, no matter if you are in a café, a bar or a night club.

6. Beautiful Lotus Sofa Chair

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Flowers are delicate and you cannot resist their fragility. Lotus is one of the exotic flowers which will always remind you of those beautiful exotic places where it comes from.This beautiful yellow, Lotus Sofa Chair brings color, warm and exotics into your house. It looks like a beautiful floral thrown which makes you feel like the king or queen of an exotic place.

7. Cactus Chairs

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Cactus is a plant not really a flower, it is a plant which usually ahs an aggressive look but it can produce unique and gorgeous flowers.If you are an innovative person and you want to create a special atmosphere in your room you can choose these cactus chairs. They will make you think of those desert territories where cactuses may be the only spot of color.

8. Bonluxat Flowery Chairs

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These rose and lily-shaped chairs, designed by Bonluxat are perfect for large spaces. They are big and assure you the maximum of comfort.

Although they seem huge you can move them easily because they come with wheels. The colorful velvet used for these chairs underline the fragility and delicacy of the natural flowers which has inspired the designer’s imagination and creativity when he designed these flowery chairs.

9. Flower Bloom Chair by Kenneth Cobonque

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If you want to feel the softness of a comfortable chair and imagine that you are the king or queen of flowers then you will be curious enough to try this Flower Bloom Chair.It has the shape of a beautiful flower with long petals and it creates a warm atmosphere.It is made of micro fiber stitched overtop resin with a steel base.

10. Tulip Chair by Pierre Paulin

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Holland is also called “the Tulips Country”. Here you have the chance to see all kinds of tulips of many different colors and shapes.Pierre Paulin was inspired by this delicate flower and offers you the chance to have one of these symbol flowers of this country. He designed the Tulip Chair, a chair which imitates the shape of this fragile flower.

Flowers are the delicate, fragile and sensitive expression of nature. They color and decorate beautifully our planet and you cannot resist their fresh perfumes.

Even if you are not a flower lover, they will always surround you.