Why A Well Designed Family Room Will Sell Your Home

Family rooms are at the heart of modern homes. Separate dining rooms, sitting rooms and kitchen areas are traditional, but family rooms blur the lines between the separate functions of conventional reception spaces. Nowadays more than ever, buyers are interested in living spaces that have more than one function. Family living spaces that combine a lounge area with a dining zone or an entertaining hub with a child friendly area are all the rage.

If your home is set out in a traditional way, you will find a buyer but if your living space has a greater sense of flexibility then it can appeal to a wider range of people. Nothing gives a feeling of greater flexibility to potential buyers than a well designed, multi purpose family room.

Kitchens and Living Spaces.

If you like to entertain, then one of the best sorts of family rooms is a kitchen living space. This type of family room will appeal to a professional couple with young children. By combining a kitchen area with a more relaxed living space you can evoke a sense that whoever is preparing food for a dinner party remains fully part of the social group rather than being shut away. Living spaces that are open plan with a kitchen area are also a good place for your children to be watched over while their meals are prepared. Make sure you install a good extractor unit so that any down side, from smelly foodstuffs seeping into a lounge area, is avoided. Keep your kitchen area scrupulously clean when you are selling your home.

Lounge Dining Rooms.

Lounges that are mixed with dining areas have been the preserve of apartments for many years. More recently, conventional homes have become increasingly designed to combine the two spaces when, in the past, they would have been separate rooms. This mixed use is ideal as a family room and will free up another room in your house for another purpose if you choose go down the route of a combined space. A family room that mixes a lounge and dining space should have two distinct zones to work best. Use a wooden or ceramic floor, but warm the lounge area with a rug to go with the soft furnishings. Set your dining area in a corner of the room that has as much natural light as possible, for the best effect.

Child Friendly Family Rooms.

Selling your home, by making a feature of your family room, is likely to appeal most to buyers who have children, or who expect to start a family. If you have an area of your home that is suitable, mix a living room with a child friendly zone to make the ideal family space. Give an area over to relaxed and informal seating and include a space a games zone. Fit fun and decorative lighting that will appeal to children, or consider a slide or climbing a area that kids will enjoy. Try and avoid too much clutter from toys. Invest in some funky and colorful toy storage units that you can quickly set away if potential buyers call.

Summer Houses.

If you have no spare space in your home for a family room, but still think that one will appeal to buyers a good idea is to make over a summer house or an out building to fulfil the purpose. As with other types of family room, one set in a summer house needs to be relaxed, offer more than one purpose and, ideally, to appeal to both adults and children. If you don’t have an out building that you can convert to a family room, consider a prefabricated timber summer house. These are usually marketed to home owners wanting an additional space for a home office. However, there is no good reason why you shouldn’t use one of these to create an external family room and increase the desirability of your home.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

Keep your family room fun. Use the occasional splash of brightly colored paintwork to ensure the room puts a smile on your face when you walk in. Add an element or two that hints at pleasurable and relaxed family times, like a games table or a jukebox that feeds into your sound system.

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Published by in Real Estate, on November 6th, 2012


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