Warm And Modern Designs Featuring Concrete

Concrete has become a quite popular material, especially in modern and contemporary homes. It is now used for a variety of projects. Moreover, despite its texture and colors which would make a space feel cold and not exactly cozy, concrete can be used in numerous ways and, in the right combination, a home can have concrete features and still be warm and inviting.

Concrete stairs.

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Most often, concrete staircases have steel guardrails
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A concrete staircase can be both durable and sleek and this makes it so great

Concrete stairs are very common in most modern homes. They are chosen because they have this simplicity that makes them stylish and because concrete is very versatile. Also, concrete stairs have a durability and strength that is more visible than in the case of other materials.

Concrete floors.

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Concrete floors can be complemented by wooden furniture for a balanced décor
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To add warmth to a concrete floor, you can use area rugs

As opposed to wooden floors, concrete flooring doesn’t have the same warmth and friendly texture. Nevertheless, they are perfect for modern and contemporary homes. A space can become warm and inviting in numerous ways and, in this case, the key is simplicity.

Concrete in the kitchen.

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Concrete is a very versatile material that can be used for more than just the flooring
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Modern homes often feature furniture with concrete details and structures

The kitchen is a very nice space where you can use concrete as a main material for the interior décor. You could have concrete kitchen flooring which is great for maintenance and very practical as well. In addition, a modern home might also feature concrete countertops or space dividers.

Concrete furniture.

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A concrete coffee table would look very chic in a modern living room
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This concrete end table integrates perfectly into the décor

What would have seemed crazy a few years ago is now considered to be very practical and chic. We’re talking about concrete furniture. Given the versatility of this material we can now have concrete coffee tables, countertops, nightstands and many other similar pieces in our homes.

Concrete in the bathroom.

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A bathroom with a very simple décor and a masculine vibe
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The rough finishes and the combination of materials make this bathroom seem rustic

When using concrete in a bathroom’s interior design, the results can be quite different depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create. For example, you could create a bathroom with a masculine touch that has concrete walls and metal fixtures. But you could also give the bathroom a more rustic touch.

Concrete in the office.

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Home office with concrete walls and a minimalist décor
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Modern home office featuring a combo of concrete and wood elements

Given the versatility that concrete presents, it can be used in a variety of spaces and for a variety of decors. The office is no exception. Here you could have a concrete meeting table or work surface as well as concrete walls and flooring

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