Unique Chic: Paint to Create a Unique Space in Your Home

It doesn’t have to take a ton of money or even a lot of effort to create a unique space in your home. Sometimes you don’t want to stick with the usual and expected, and instead want to have some fun and mix things up a bit.

Accent Wall.

Simply by adding an accent wall in a room, you create an entirely new feel to the space. Paint the wall only a shade lighter or darker than the others for a softer, more subtle look, or in a contrasting color for a bold, dramatic look.

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Trim Time.

Instead of focusing on the walls, paint the trim a different color when you paint a room. This isn’t something you usually see in a room, and it creates a fun, unfamiliar look as a result. For the most professional looking finish, choose a brighter color and opt for high gloss paint. Don’t miss any of the trim, from the baseboard trim to the crown molding.

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Ceiling Design.

One area that most people skip in the room is the ceiling. You just assume the ceiling has to be left boring and plain, when that is actually not the case at all. Instead of putting the focus on the walls, make the ceiling the focal point of the room. Even just by painting it a solid shade, you create a unique look in the room and add more interest, instead of having the expected plain ceiling. Or get a really dramatic look by painting a pattern or stripe paint.

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If unique and chic is your goal, these are a few easy-to-do projects that will dramatically and drastically change the look of your space. Whether you are working in the dining room, living room or any other space in the home, these are great ways to get the unique look you’re going for.{picture sources:1,2,3}.