Shelving Storage Ideas for Home

Depending on the space available and the way one stays, shelving must be done. One should incorporate different ideas so that they have storage place for everything. One should try and create wall to wall shelving. One can create three open shelf units so that one is able to create a look of a built in storage shelf which will not look too big and dominate the room.

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For shelves for storing books, one must leave some space above the books so that the books can be pulled out without any problem. The top shelf of any cabinet should not be higher than 180 cm and this will ensure that it can be used easily. To fit large backs shelves should be around 30 cm. between each shelf one must leave around 25 to 30 cm space. One must carefully choose between heavy and slim shelves, depending on what needs to be stored.

When making shelves, one must also keep the color of the walls lighter than the shelves. If one has to place ornaments in the shelf, they should try and place a backdrop. One can separate the dining and the leaving areas of a house using freestanding shelves, which create space and also utility as the shelves can be accessed from both sides.

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The overall feel of a book shelf can be lightened by placing things between books. Books should be arranged by their sizes and this gives a good look also. A personal touch can be added by putting wallpapers on the backdrop of a closed back bookshelf. For a greater impact one should use a dark color on the shelves. If one does not want the shelves to be too dominating, then they can use a light color for the same.

One can create more space in the shelves by putting two rows of the books on the shelves. To do this one can paint a piece of wood same as that of the shelves and place books on it so that one can easily place two rows on one shelf and create more space.

One can also use sliding panels and they can hide things behind them. These create a good look and also create a lot of space. One should try and plan shelving storage so that it can also grow as per the needs of the family. Creating the right storage for a house is important for good looks and also for space.

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