Powder room decoration: awesome!!

The powder room is an integral part of most public spaces, be it a restaurant, hospital, hotel or office building or even an airplane. A powder room is an essential feature. It is a necessity not a luxury. However, even in a home, provided space constraints allow, a powder room is a good thing to incorporate in a design. Powder rooms vary in term of size and can also swing from the bare bones basic to the height of luxury.

Any design magazine will feature powder room design pictures along with powder room decorating ideas. One of the best examples of a modern powder room is an aircraft toilet. Completely stripped and basic, scrunched for space, it’s a marvel of modern day inventiveness, managing to incorporate every single basic necessity including a platform to change a baby’s diaper. One step up from this is powder rooms in restaurants, motels, malls and business centers.

Any design magazine will carry pictures of modern powder room ideas all of these look pretty much the same for the four categories above. Whether it’s a motel or a budget restaurant, a mall or an office the powder rooms will all consist of a common area with wash hand basins and a large mirror and rows of cubicles. All of these are partitioned by walls and doors made of wooden board. The only distinctions would lie in the alignment of the cubicles to the main area, the number of cubicles which could range from as little as one to twenty (depending upon the traffic and the space allocation), and the color scheme of the laminate of the cubicle partitions.

Powder room interior design can vary from the staid to the hip, simple to luxurious, starkly modern to quaintly period. Interesting powder rooms can consist of an antique look such as an antique commode, with wood cladding and a chain flush system, dull brass taps and a ceramic basin, complete with a dry flower arrangement and dainty hand embroidered hand towels, crisply starched and folded, lying neatly in a wicker basket, instead of the ubiquitous tissue paper towels which are an integral feature of most modern powder rooms.

On the other hand, one can have starkly modern powder room ideas with a surrealistic glass or ceramic wash hand basin and blocked lines. So, the possibilities of powder room design are endless. So, go get your own powder room, today.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on July 4th, 2011


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