How to get rid of Clutter in the Home

A clutter issue in the home can be a big problem. Not only does it give you more to clean up in general, but it leaves your house in disarray and can make you feel stressed and unorganized. Your home is your palace, and you should be happy and excited to go home at the end of the day. When the rooms are filled with clutter, the opposite is more often true. Fortunately, with a few simple tips you can de-clutter your home, for good.

To get rid of clutter in your home once and for all, the first step is figuring out what to get rid of and what to keep. Take it one room at a time, to avoid overwhelming yourself and causing even more stress and frustration. Separate the items into three different piles: one for things you want to keep, one you can give away, and one to throw out.

As you start going through the clutter in a room, make sure you keep up your determination, and not just end up with one huge pile of things to keep. This isn’t going to get you anywhere, so really only keep those things that are sentimental or otherwise are instrumental in the design of the room.

All items should have a place in the room, and should play an important role in some way or another. Otherwise, there is no need to have them in there and you can get rid of them. You can’t put things away if you don’t have anywhere to put them, and this is what initially starts a clutter problem. If you find yourself unable to assign any item a place in the room, it can go.

Include pieces in a room that do double duty. An ottoman with built-in storage or a table with hidden compartments can help create a place to put items that are just lying around, but that you want to keep in the room. That doesn’t mean you should feel free to stuff every spare place full of clutter, because this means you are just avoiding the problem. You should never have more stuff than space, but pieces offering storage in your room means you can get the clutter off the counters and floors, creating a neat and tidy space.

Take time to organize your room and save yourself space wherever possible. Scan all your paper documents then shred them, to save lots of space. Have a designated area in the home for dirty laundry, bath products, and animal items. Instead of getting frustrated by having so many things out of place, you get things organized and out of the way.

Get rid of clutter in your home to get your house and your mind free and organized. Regardless of the reasons of clutter in your home in the first place, and no matter how much you’ve got to deal with, you can take that next step and de-clutter your home. After that it’s just a matter of keeping your space clean and tidy, and avoiding getting back to the same situation you started in.{picture sources:1&2,3,4,5}.

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