How to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom for Fall

With the changing of the seasons it is the perfect time to take inspiration from fall and give a timely spruce-up to your guest bedroom. Redecorating a guest room, even with a few simple steps, will enrich the experience of your guests in the coming season. Knowing that their host has made some design choices that have refreshed their bedroom gives visitors a homely welcoming that beats even the friendliest hotels. Tips for decorating your guest bedroom, keeping fall in mind, are easy to follow and fun to put into practice.

Take Inspiration From Nature.

As the weather changes with the onset of fall, so the natural world alters. Trees turn from greens to vibrant reds and deep yellows and ripening pumpkins offer bright orange tones. Afternoon light diminishes more quickly and the air can feel increasingly chilly. Providing a bedroom that reflects these natural rhythms, offering the warmth and coziness of rich hues, will make your guests want to stay until winter!

Color Themes.

It is a good idea to consider your room’s existing color scheme before making wholesale changes. Guest bedrooms ought not to be gender specific in their coloring and, so long as your room is relatively neutral, a few splashes of fall inspired tones will suffice. Think not just of deep berry-reds and yellows. Incorporate oranges, browns and golds as well. Don’t select one shade of any given color. Think of the wide variety of tones and textures forest leaves display over the season. Mix and match your colors so that the effect is like a patchwork of tones.

How to Wow Your Guests.

Create an immediate impression with your guest bedroom design by choosing one or two items that will make an immediate impact. Try an eye catching deeply colored rug or a fall inspired bedcovering. A few simple statements are better than turning every element of the room over to your chosen theme.

Drapes and Soft Furnishings.

Consider switching your drapes for ones that hint at the changing season and fit with the rest of your design. New drapes can be an expensive choice but remember that they can always be taken down and used again next fall. An inexpensive alternative is to simply change your drape tie-backs. Throw pillows and cushions are ideal for a fall inspired scheme since they can be placed around the room at your will to keep the continuity of your color theme running. They make for a relatively inexpensive way of redecorating and, of course, they have the ideal qualities to add that cozy feel to the room.

Fall Wreaths.

Fall wreaths can make a great contribution to a guest bedroom design. Consider placing one over the bed or even on the bedroom door. If you choose to make your own it is best to use artificial flowers and berries, but there is nothing to stop you from collecting your own foliage from windfall. Wreaths make a great way of getting creative!

Using Dried Flowers.

Dried flower arranging should be approached in much the same way as you would with regular flowers. However, it is worth considering using an opaque vase, rather than a clear one, that fits with your color theme. Try experimenting with berries to add a splash of vibrancy to your arrangement. Dried wheat makes a novel addition to a conventional flower arrangement that can lift the entire design.

Scented Candles.

It is a good idea not simply to focus on the visual aspect of your fall inspired bedroom. Lit candles will add to the cozy feel of you room, it is true, but scented candles fulfil your design ideas by addressing another sense entirely. Choose a couple of different fragrances so that the effect is not uniform. Ginger, caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, cranberry and spiced pumpkin all make for excellent choices.

Enjoy Your Room!

Once you have finished the redecoration process it will be ready for your guests to luxuriate in. However, if your guests have yet to arrive enjoy the fruit of your labor by spending a night or two in your guest room. It can feel like a mini vacation in the comfort of your own home.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 14th, 2012


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