How to clean the curtains?

Curtains are an integral part of home interiors. All of us take a lot of pain to select the right curtains and have them matched with the interiors. Once the curtains are hanged, we assume our work to be over and completely neglect the cleaning of the curtains. Curtains are known to collect dust and dirt, and hence should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Regularly cleaning does not imply that they should be cleaned every day. However, they should be cleaned occasionally.

Remove the curtains – The first step of cleaning the curtains is to remove the curtains from the rod. In addition, remove the hardware attached to the curtains such as curtain rings or curtain hooks.

Check the label of the fabric – Curtains are made out of different types of fabrics and each fabric requires different type of cleaning. Check the label of the fabric to find out if any washing instructions are mentioned. Generally, sensitive fabrics require special cleaning treatment and care and are to be washed in normal water and not hot water.

Hand washing the curtains – Hand washing the curtains may sound like a difficult task, but it is the best method.   When you are washing the curtains by hand, make use of a gentle cleaning agent (cleaning powder is the best option) to rub the dirty portions of the curtains gently. Please do not make use of any scrubbing brush as it might damage the fabric. In addition, also ensure to have enough of running water so that the curtains are properly rinsed, and soap is washed away.

Washing the curtains in machine – Machine washing is only recommended if the label on the fabric mentions machine wash. Use mild detergent, cold water and gentle setting in order to avoid discoloration, shrinkage and wrinkling. Do not load the washing tub completely as it may harm the tub as well as the curtains.

Drying the curtains – You may also place the curtains in a dryer. However, spin them in a low setting for 5 minutes only. Do not dry the curtains completely or else wrinkles shall form. Remove them when they are damp. Spread the curtains evenly on the clothesline. Also ensure that they do not stay too long in the sun in order to avoid discoloration or weakening of the fabric.

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