How to make your own chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is very popular because of its versatility and because it has both a practical and a fun side. Kids love it and adults find it great as well. You can paint it on walls, furniture, appliances and anywhere else you want. Chalkboard paint is full of surprises. One of them is the fact that you can make your own and it’s not even difficult.

Here’s how.

You’ll need non-sanded grout, latex paint in any color, a mixing cup or bucket, a brush or a roller and a paint mixer drill attachment. Start by mixing the latex paint with the non-sanded grout in the cup or bucket. It would be best to use a part grout and 8 parts paint. Make sure that all the grout is mixed in to avoid having granules. You can use a paint mixer drill attachment for this part.

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After that, just paint the surfaces with the chalkboard paint. You would have to prep the surfaces as you would for any other paint job. You should paint two coats for even coverage. You can create an endless list of colors. For example, use the leftover wall paint to create a seamless transition or use a contrasting color for an eye-catching décor. In the kids’ room or playroom you can even paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. The kids will love to have an entire wall at their disposal and to be able to write and draw on it.{pictures from site}.

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