How can you get smell of cat urine /dog pee out of carpet

Keeping a pet is always on mind of kids and adults. Especially when you cats and dogs as pets you must also check the side effects and how will they keep your home. One of the most popular complaints of pet keepers is the odor of the urine. And if these little animals pee on carpets, things get worse. A carpet because of their thickness and padding below absorbs the urine which smells bad and stains with time.While people try and wipe it off as soon as they see their pet urinating on the rug, it’s good to wait. The wet spot stains quickly and also smells if you quickly wipe it off.

Though many females think things can be better with bleaching or detergent powder, nothing actually works. The best way is to put a Listerine on the spot so that at least you save the same spot from another shower of your pet’s urine. This is done as dogs have a habit to pee where they did it before and Listerine takes away the smell, so you can avoid the darkening of the urine spot.

Some may think to change the carpet completely but many try and find a permanent solution. While you can keep and train your pet so that your carpet is spared, but since cats and dogs like to lie down on soft rugs, it’s hard to keep them away. Bioenzymes are the best bet where detergents are concerned.

You may have to use them two or more times to really get the spot cleared and the odorless carpet but it definitely suits chronic cases.  It’s advisable not to get soapy detergents and use them for quick rid from smells as they tend to shrink the carpet, giving you all the more worries. Go for the above if you really wish to clean the rug but if you want to hide your carpet spots urgently, try using a portable black light which gives the room a dark lighting. Choose among the best ideas given in here and use them to your comfort to remove odor and spots from the carpets.{pics from desiretoinpire}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on February 7th, 2012


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