Create harmonic interiors by designing your home with spatial energy

Have you ever wondered why some rooms make you feel uneasy while many other make you feel alive? Is it your mood swings or something in the air? Well, it may be mood swings but most of the time it is something in the air – Spatial energy. Spatial energy is nothing but positive vibrations that emanate from space. If this spatial energy is allowed to freely move around us, then our lives become emotionally and physically balanced.

Now you may wonder how to use the spatial energy to create harmonic interiors. Well, using spatial energy simply implies following some healthy and basic rules of design. These basic rules of design basically deal with striking a balance between color, light and space.

Decorate according to the size of the room – every room, whether big or small is adequate according to its functions. And therefore, every room should be designed accordingly. If you have a small room, it should be designed in such a manner that the place does not appear congested, and energy is allowed to flow freely. On the other hand, the free space in a large room should be filled with the appropriate furniture so that the flow of energy is slowed down to an optimum level.

Lighting – Installing varied lighting fixtures at varied height levels highlights the existence of space. Lighting fixtures such as table lamps, floor cans, cabinet lighting and ceiling lamps brighten up an area and make it more visible and dynamic.

Nature – Spatial energy can be easily balanced in the interiors by aligning the home with the elements of nature. This can be easily accomplished by bringing in the outdoors inside. You can simply place some green potted plants in the center of a room. Alternatively, the focal point of a room could also be a window that offers amazing view of the nature. The elements of nature are very powerful, and they can really assist in moving the energy smoothly.

Color – color of the room is also an important factor contributing to the balance of space. The dark and light shade must be in alignment with Yang and Yin (male elements of nature such as sky and rivers; female aspects such as earth and mountain). A single color should not be allowed to dominate a section of a room and there should be a balance between colors and patterns.

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