8 Eco Friendly Tips For Home Improvement

Today, lives have become very complex and most of us hardly get time to even think about our environment. We fail to realize that there are many things done on a daily basis that could be hurting our environment as well as our future.

Going green and being eco friendly is the best way to play a significant role to save our planet. Improving your home through application of eco friendly methods is not only an easy way but is known to be rewarding in the long run. Some methods may cost you several dollars but there are many others that are priced at just few dollars and are even free.

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1.Start small. Small changes have been known to get the critical difference. Change the light bulbs of your home to the energy efficient halogen lamps. Through this method, you will be saving energy and resultantly money will be saved. Moreover, the halogen lamps have a longer life and also save on waste materials.

2.Start using bamboo towels in your bathroom. Besides being eco friendly, bamboo towels are soft and super absorbent.

3.Enhance your living room area by incorporating eco friendly furniture. Eco friendly furniture is crafted out of green materials and the impact on the environment is reduced.

4.Nowadays, kitchen cookwares are also eco friendly. These appliances are manufactured from eco friendly materials, feature.Thermolon non stick coating, perform at a high temperature without any deterioration.

5.Make it a habit to use only energy efficient appliances. The next time you buy a washer, dryer or a refrigerator, make sure it is energy efficient. Energy efficient appliances are priced same as non energy efficient appliances. Through this method, you shall save energy and money, and reduce the impact on the environment.

6.Natural light is absolutely free of charge. Arrange your work areas and desk near windows. As a result the area will stay airy, and you will be able to save energy.

7.Ensure that all the recyclable items are placed in the recycle bins. Glass, bottles, cans, card board and paper can all be recycled. Your home will stay clean, and you shall contribute to the environment.

8.Try to install UPVC doors and windows. Besides reducing energy bills, Upvc windows and doors shall impart an implausible appearance to your house.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on November 3, 2010

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  • This is a interesting post. I have worked in the wind energy industry for around 3 years and it is absolutely insane how rapid the game is changing. For the majority of us this is a extremely mind-blowing period of history so let’s make sure stay on the pace.