5 Useful Landscaping Tips

There is something very calming, appealing and endearing about landscaped gardens. Besides contributing to a green planet, a landscaped garden allows you to connect with the nature. A home garden may be of any size or shape. It’s not necessary for the garden to feature huge trees and plants so that you can efficiently landscape the area. Few potted plants are also enough to landscape the garden beautifully.

Uniformity – the landscape elements that you introduce in your garden such as plants and trees, carved or cast stone, garden accessories or fountain should be uniform and complement each other. Even if a single component is out of sync, the garden will appear odd. As a result, it is always recommended to prefix a theme for the garden and decorate the entire garden using it as the foundation.

Soil type and ph – Try to know your soil type and its ph level so that you can select appropriate plants which can thrive in the particular soil. Employing appropriate plants shall save you a lot of your precious time as well as money.

Understand the space required by plants – some of the plants are known to require more space for their root system in comparisons to other, whereas many plants are known to grow everywhere. If your garden features limited space and you happen to grow such plants, then your garden would land up wearing a crowded look. Many small trees and shrubs should be planted at least three to five feet apart, so that there is sufficient room for the plants to grow.

Native plants – One of the most effective ways to ensure a great landscape design is to select native plants for your garden. Find out about the plants which are known to grow easily in your garden. This way you need not struggle with the natural charges to keep your landscape appear beautiful. If you wish to use non native plants, select ones from a place that feature a climate similar to your region.

Wood chips – wood chips are an excellent and affordable option to make the landscape appear attractive. Spread the chips around trees, bushes and shrubs. They shall not only cover the dirt but shall also repel weeds and offer natural food source as they break down.

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