17 Simple Ways To Repurpose A Canoe

Certain things, like a canoe, are specialized on a very particular domain and this makes us think that they only have one use, the intended one. Nevertheless, there’s always room for creative thinking. You already know that a canoe can look good on a wall if you have the space but here are 17 more original ways in which you can repurpose it.

For example, you could transform the canoe into a sort of storage space. Add a few shelves to its design and you’ll be able to use it as a bookcase or for storage in spaces such as the garage.

An old canoe can also make a beautiful planter for the garden. All you have to do is find the right spot for it, add soil and plants and enjoy your new focal point.

A canoe that’s too big can be cut down to size. You can also position it the way you like. This old canoe looks spectacular on that porch. It’s used for storage and as a counter.

But how about you leave the canoe as it is without modifying anything and you simply hang it from the ceiling? You’ll get a very relaxing rocking bed, like a hammock but much more awesome.

If you cut down a portion from one end of a canoe you’ll be able to sit it up and to use it as a great storage unit for spaces like the dining room, the living room and basically any other room of the house.

A creative mind must have already thought of this idea by now. You can take an old canoe, put it out in the yard or garden, fill it with ice and use it as a cooler for summer parties.

Here’s another very simple and ingenious idea: if you turn the canoe upside down you can use it as a table. Enjoy it on your lakefront property while admiring the surrounding nature.

Here’s another canoe that has been turned into a planter. The first one had succulents and vegetables in it but this one is purely decorative. Placed near the pathway it provides a beautiful thing to look it while taking a walk in the garden.

Another very interesting way in which you can use a canoe as a decoration for the garden is by sitting it up and hanging flowers from it. You’ll even have a shelf.

Although the canoe is designed to not let water in, you can try a different approach and turn it into a very original pond. Fill it with water and add a few plants and natural decorations.

So far you’ve seen several project that demand cutting down the canoe and taking one portion off. For the project you’ll also be doing that but you can use the piece after. You’ll be turning the canoe into a lovely little bed for your kid.

A canoe would look natural on the shore or near a lake and his allows you to use it for all sorts of interesting projects. For example, you can turn the canoe into a daybed. Simply find a way to attach the “roof” that will protect you from the sun.

Another beautiful idea would be to transform the canoe into a playground for kids. You can turn it into a sandbox and you can even have a nice sitting area for you to use while supervising the kids or for them to use.

Inside the house, you could have the canoe built into the wall of the bathroom. Turn it into an open storage cabinet with shelves for towels and other necessities.

You could also include the canoe into your bedroom’s décor. sit it up against the wall near the bed and use it as a nightstand or miniature bookcase for the things you like to read before you go to sleep.

In the garden, the canoe could be a planter, like we’ve already mentioned. This one is a little different because the canoe has been raised above the ground and its shape stands out more.

And then there’s also another possibility: hang the canoe from the ceiling, upside down. Turn it into a unique lighting fixture for a space with high ceilings.

Published by in DIY Projects, on September 18th, 2013


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