15 Stylish Pantry Organizer Ideas For Your Kitchen

Whether you have a small or large pantry or 2 or 20 kitchen cabinets, maximizing your space and organizing the clutter is essential. Everyone knows a messy kitchen is a nightmare. But what’s more essential is adding some style to the mix. It gets boring just stacking boxes and lining up cans, not to mention increases the chances for chaos and mess. Once you’ve got a bit of pizzazz going its easier to keep it clean and organized rather than just throwing that half-eaten bag of chips back in without a care.

Before you start organizing your pantry and throwing out all the bad, stale items decide how you want the space to look. Figure out what you have and use the most of and utilize certain organizational items (or items that can be used to organize) specifically for them. For example if you use a lot of spices, make a point to find something that can be used as a spice rack. If you eat a lot of cereal, make a point to find something or somethings to organize and keep the cereal fresh.

Also, invest in a label maker or sticker labels. Whichever you decide to use, it won’t be too heavy on the wallet but it will make organizing and finding snacks in a hurry much easier. When things are visible, they’ll be used. How many times have you thrown out a stale box of cookies or an expired can of soup simply because you forgot it was there?

This way you can place like items together, instead of hunting around for the zip-block bags in one corner of the closet and grabbing a chair to see where you threw the box of aluminum foil the day before. For example if you put items like sandwich baggies, paper bags, napkins, cling wrap and Reynold’s wrap in one away …. packing lunches will take half the time they did before.

The great thing about our roundup of stylish pantry organizers isn’t just their chicness but also their functionality. Each of these ideas lengthens shelf space, makes it easier on the users and keeps the food fresher!

Too many times people will get one or two organizational pieces and try to just cram everything into one space, but that doesn’t help when it comes time for cooking. The point of using these tools is to make life in the kitchen easier (and a bit more stylish of course). Investing in these snazzy containers and baskets will instantly improve accessibility to everything in your pantry.

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Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on April 27th, 2012


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