13 DIY no-carve pumpkin decoration ideas for this Halloween

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is getting to make all the decorations and costumes. Pumpkins are a must-have in any home and they can be used for numerous projects. But carving the pumpkin can be messy and it can also take time that you don’t really have. So we found a few DIY projects involving pumpkins that require no carving.

Ombre pumpkin.

Making an ombre pumpkin is easy. First spray paint the pumpkin white. Then paint the bottom with the darkest hue you have. After that, paint the center orange or any other color you like. Paint the 3rd section with the lightest color and then blend the colors together with slightly wet cotton ball.{found on fun.kyti}.

Painted pumpkin.

Doing this is even easier. Simply take a pumpkin and paint it in your favorite color. Then sprinkle the wet paint with glitter and you’re done.{found on bhg}.

Color block pumpkin.

Take a pumpkin and use painter’s tape to mast off the lines. Then paint each section a different color. Let it dry and then remove the tape. It’s quick, easy and fun.{found on illistyle}.

Intricate pumpkin.

This is a complex project that requires patience and time. First paint the pumpkin with white acrylic paint. Let it dry and then add another coat of paint in very light pastel colors. Then use dimensional paint and begin to freehand simple designs around the surface of the pumpkin. You can also add contrast by scratching into the surface with a toothpick. Cover the entire surface and then use a darker color of dimensional paint for contrast.{found on alisaburke}.

Patterned pumpkin.

You’ll need acrylic paint and painter’s tape. Bisect the pumpkin with a strip of tape and use a foam brush to cover one section with two coats of acrylic paint. Let it dry and remove the tape. Then add another color to the pumpkin. You can also create other more complex designs and patterns.{found on countryliving}.

Patchwork pumpkin.

First paint the pumpkin with latex primer. Let it dry and then apply a base coat of cream-color latex paint. Let it dry and mark off the squares with masking tape. Paint an overcoat of khaki-color latex paint, let it dry and remove the tape.{found on bhg}.

Mat black pumpkin.

For a spooky but simple Halloween decoration you can simply take a pumpkin and cover it in mat black paint. Cove the entire surface of the pumpkin and let it dry. That’s all.{found on sweetpaulmag}.

Black with a twist.

Take a pumpkin and either paint it entirely mat black or leave a portion unpainted. Mark the portion with painter’s tape. Then use glue and add lots of silver glitter to that single portion. Do the same for the leaves if there are any. If not you can cut out some pieces of paper or cardboard and add glitter to them as well.{found on sweetpaulmag}.

Glittery pumpkin.

First brush the pumpkin with glue and then sprinkle glitter all over its surface. You need to elevate the pumpkin to reach the trickier placed. For maximum adhesion, let the glue dry for about 30 seconds before applying the glitter.{found on wine me up}.

White pumpkin with black trim.

You’ll need some primer and some paint. Apply one coat, let it dry overnight and then apply another. Then it’s time to add the trim. Working for the stem to the bottom, hot glue the trim piece by piece. Make a leaf out of a piece of cardstock, attach it and you’re done.{found on eddieross}.

Decoupages pumpkin.

First spray paint the pumpkin. Acrylic paint is a little better than old-based paint. Let the paint dry. Cut out the shape you like from a napkin, brush a layer of Mod Podge on the pumpkin and then press the napkin onto the pumpkin. Add another layer of Mod Podge and then sprinkle a little glitter here and there.{found on funkyme}.

Numbered pumpkin.

The idea here is simple: emblaze your house number on a pumpkin. You need number stickers and a decal in the shape of your state. Apply it to the pumpkin and then then apply the numbers as well. Use a paint brush to cover the pumpkin with two coats of acrylic paint, remove the decal and you’re done.{found on countryliving}.

Lettered pumpkin.

You can also use pumpkins to spell out a message. Find some pumpkins that you like. Spray paint them and then write a letter on each one. Place them on the stairwell and spell out your message.

Published by in DIY Projects, on October 17th, 2012


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