World’s Most Expensive Kitchen – Costs $1.6 Million

We all know that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and we often make sacrifices just to be able to have the best appliances in there. But have you ever wondered how your kitchen could look like if money was no problem? Would it look like this?

Worlds most expensive kitchen1

This is the world’s most expensive kitchen and it was launched by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli at an exclusive party in London. But what makes it so special and why is it so expensive? Well, the kitchen has features like a crystal worktop, solid copper walls and a Swarovski crystal chandelier.

Worlds most expensive kitchen5

Worlds most expensive kitchen

The kitchen costs $1.6 million and if you wish to have it you need to wait at least 8 months. Besides all the precious features, the kitchen is also equipped with handcrafted appliances. It took designer Claudio Celiberti more than a year to craft this amazing kitchen. It’s why there’s currently an 8 month waiting list.

Worlds most expensive kitchen2

The luxury ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ kitchen was unveiled by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli in London’s Mayfair. It’s an extravagant cooking space with a $42,000 bespoke Swarovski chandelier, crystal cabinet fronts and worktops.

Worlds most expensive kitchen3

Worlds most expensive kitchen4

Buyers can also choose elements such as copper lining on the cabinets. All the crystal features are definitely impressive but the appliances aren’t that simple either. The refrigerator costs $7,960. The appliances are custom made by the German company Gaggenau.{found on dailymail}.