Wooden Kitchen Bench with Special Storage Place

When I am at home I like spending a lot of time there by myself. Apart from being a mother and a wife, I am also a woman and I enjoy my quality time every morning in the kitchen, in front of a steaming cup of coffee, just half an hour before the kids wake up and hell comes on earth. Any way, this is my magic moment and I savour it sitting on my kitchen sofa, reading the newspapers and waiting for a new day to start. And since it’s only morning and I need to clear my head, I prefer a solid sofa, without soft cushions and all, but the hardness of the unfinished wood that seems so solid and real.

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This fine wooden kitchen bench that you can admire in the pictures is my idea of a perfect bench for the kitchen. It is solid, wooden and very simple and also offers a lot of storage space. For example you can store the newspapers and magazine you read in the morning n the special space behind the bench and the wide drawers that you can find under the seat are perfect for whatever you might need to store from kitchen towels to cooking books or some other things you might need in the kitchen. Its original name is På Sofflocket bench and it was designed by some Swedish students with lots of inspiration.

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