White kitchen makeover

When redecorating, very few people dare to try something completely new. The owners of this kitchen decided to go all white. It’s a color that has both good and bad points and it all depends on the way the person perceives it. For some people it seems fresh, calm and peaceful white for others it’s boring and monotone. Going from a relatively dark décor to an all-white look is a very daring move.

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After the renovation, this kitchen got lighter wooden floors and an all-white décor, including the walls, the ceiling, the furniture and even the decorations. The atmosphere instantly became airy and bright. The renovation was completed in 4 weeks but the design was created in 2 months. The budget was $35,000. The kitchen got new wood cabinets that match some of the existing ones, new wooden floors, new lighting, new counters, a custom-built pantry and a custom marble breakfast table.

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The ceiling and the white were repainted and got a crisp white look. The kitchen was also reconfigured and got a more functional arrangement and a simpler décor. It actually seems larger. It’s brighter and more airy. The change was major and the kitchen is almost unrecognizable. Very few elements were preserved from the original décor. It’s a fresh start with a fresh décor. The kitchen is now like a peaceful sanctuary and it actually look very inviting.{found on designsponge}.