What Appliances You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Having an exquisitely designed kitchen is just not enough. You need to complement it with the right appliances so that the functionality of kitchen is properly catered. Like other elements of the kitchen such as kitchen flooring, countertops, lightning, etc, appliances do not add equivalently to the décor of the kitchen but it is impossible to work without them.

Kitchen appliances include all those machines that are used in the kitchen – starting from cooking, washing, and cleaning to anything concerning the kitchen. Some homeowners may just do cooking as a responsibility while some may spend most of their time baking, cooking, roasting, grilling, etc. If you fall in the former category then you can manage with few appliances, but if you enjoy cooking then there is no limit on the appliances you can own.

It is advisable to buy kitchen appliances directly from the kitchen installation company, or else you may buy appliances that may not fit in the layout properly. Another key factor that should be considered is the energy efficient rating of the appliances that range from A to G. A is the best and G is the worst.

Here is a list of appliances that you must have in your kitchen –

1.Microwave – today, microwave is an essential appliance for every kitchen. With a microwave, you can speed up the cooking process and execute cooking, defrosting, frilling and heating with press of a button. Microwaves are reasonably priced and there is a wide variety in the market. If you have a large family, you need to buy a large microwave so that big bowls can fit in easily or else the standard size is perfect.

2.Electric Mixer – Electric mixer is another appliance that you cannot afford to miss. Electric mixture will assist you in your daily tasks such as grinding nuts, mashing potatoes, etc. It is useful to have an electric mixer in hand as they bear the capability to fulfill small varied needs.

3.Dishwasher – an efficient dishwasher is a literally a boon to a good cook. Dishwashers are no more the bulky machines. Today they feature pleasing control panels coupled with quieter and quicker wash process. You can either go for a simple and slim one or settle for a dishwasher with utensil storage space.

4.Gas Hobs – Gas hobs are nothing but cooking range on which the actual cooking is done. Heating, blanching, sautéing, cooking, and all can be done on the gas hob. You can choose from electric or gas option.

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Posted in Appliances on November 1, 2010

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