Tiny Apartment Design in Manhattan

Space seems to always be a problem. We never have enough space and we always want more. Obviously, we can’t do that so we have to work with what we already have. In most cases this means a small apartment. But there’s no need to be sad or angry about that because there are some very clever ways to turn that small space into a very efficient and cool space that all your friends would be jealous at.

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This tiny apartment by Normal Projects, in Manhattan is the perfect example. As you can see there’s not a lot of space in there. However, that tiny place manages to be very comfortable and to be able to adapt according to the user’s needs in no time. It’s all about that eye-catching closet that seems to take a lot of space. It’s just a closet and it gives more than it takes. That closet is a place to store cloths, a bed, a great storage space and it can even act as a home office. It’s not a magic closet, just a well-designed one.

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When you’re not using any of those things, just close the doors and you have a very airy and welcoming room. Open it up and you’ll be surprised how efficient it can be. After seeing this apartment some of you might want to trade it for their larger version. You can just use your creativity to make your own apartment more efficient and to find ways of saving space.