10 Duplex Interior Designs With A Swedish Touch

Swedish interiors are famous for their simplicity and elegance. They manage to achieve greatness with very few elements. The color palette includes a lot of white and strong contrast but without mixing too many colors, textures of patterns. Still, the result is a cozy and inviting interior with an airy look and a sense of style that is difficult to reproduce. We have selected today a series of duplex interior designs that feature these characteristic and we hope you’ll enjoy them and use them as inspiration for your own projects.

1.New student apartment in a 1800s building.

Student apartment interio design 79sqmView in gallery

This is a duplex reserved for students. In order to be able to buy it you must prove that you are a student and you must have € 260,000. It’s easy to do the first part but it’s the second that poses a problem.

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Anyway, it’s obvious that this duplex has a very stylish interior. It’s very airy and, even though it’s very simple and monochromatic, it’s also cozy and inviting. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and, as for the upper floor, it’s a great place for a bedroom. The exposed wooden beams are a very nice detail that really help make the atmosphere inviting.

2.Modern and cozy duplex.

Modern duplexView in gallery

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Modern duplex10View in gallery

This one is a little more colorful. It’s a duplex that features a modern interior design and has many interesting details that deserve to be admired. The color palette is also restraint and yet the pink accents really make a difference in the kitchen. A very beautiful detail is that sheltered workspace placed in the corner of the living room. It’s small but it’s away from the busy area and has a very soothing and stylish wallpaper on the wall adjacent to the desk. Then there’s also that small carpet that looks just like the grass from the wallpaper.

3.Duplex decorated with wood and white.

Duplex in wood whiteView in gallery

Duplex in wood white1View in gallery

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In this duplex the main elements and the two contrasting parts are the white walls and the wooden surfaces. They interact nicely and naturally and they create a beautiful color and textural contrast. The white walls and ceilings tend to create a cold atmosphere but the wood surfaces add warmth to the décor and create a very nice balance of powers. It’s nice that there aren’t any other colors involved in the décor. This creates a sense of continuity. It’s also an interesting choice for a modern interior design that is usually bold and dynamic. It’s a beautiful direction to follow.

4.Similar duplex.

Duplex swidish tasteView in gallery

Duplex swidish taste1View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste2View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste3View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste4View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste5View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste6View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste7View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste8View in gallery

Duplex swidish taste9View in gallery

Here we have a duplex that is similar to the one presented before. We’re speaking, of course about the color palette and the way the wood elements interact with the white décor. However, this one tends to be a little more luxurious. The whole décor is very light and airy. In this case the cozyness comes from elements such as that beautiful fireplace and the exposed wooden beams. It’s a spacious duplex with a functionally-structured interior and large windows throughout complemented by stylish skylights on the upper floor. The angled ceiling basically dictated the arrangement of the rooms. The bedrooms just had to be placed on that level.

5.64 square meters duplex.

64m duplexView in gallery

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This is a small duplex with bold touches of color. It measures only 64 square meters and yet it seems surprisingly spacious. It’s because of the minimalist interior design and the lack of unnecessary furniture and decorations. The color palette is limited like in the case of any Swedish-inspired décor but in this case we also have bright splashes of color in the form of a bold orange rug and matching pillows. In fact, each room has at least one small colorful element that stands out as a focal point. It’s bold enough to stand out but subtle enough to maintain the simplicity of the whole décor.

6.Black and white duplex interior design.

Unique duplex designView in gallery

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This is also a bold duplex but in this case the lack of vivid colors is very obvious. Most of the décor is black and white. It’s a classical combination of colors, a timeless mix that will always be elegant and it’s also a mix that goes perfectly with this type of decors. The simplicity of the interior design however doesn’t result in monotony. The duplex compensated for that with bold patterns and textures. Some rooms even have subtle hints of color such as that blue vintage cabinet from the kitchen/dining room or those pale pink pillows from the bedroom.

7.Another simple duplex we love.

Another simple duplexView in gallery

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This is an attic duplex with an interior a little more complex that the ones we’ve seen so far. Also, this one has something that all the other ones were lacking, a beautiful terrace and a strong connection with the outdoors. As in most cases, an attic apartment means more light, better ventilation and an outdoor space with expansive views of the city. In this case the terrace and the windows provide views of the rooftops of the other building and the city beyond them. The interior features a Nordic style with a limited color palette but a surprisingly complex décor.

8.Bright duplex.

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As you already know, a Nordic interior is always bright. It’s one of the elements that distinguish it from other styles, among other elements. This duplex is definitely bright. Of course, the high ceilings and white walls also contribute to the impression of a larger and more airy space. The light-colored wooden floors complement the décor nicely and add warmth without creating an intense color contrast. The interior design is modern and black furniture is used as focal points for the décor. The duplex is also very airy and that’s because most of the rooms are open spaces.

9.Stylish and modern duplex.

Stylish duplexView in gallery

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This is a great example of a stylish interior design and it just so happens to also be Nordic. It’s very elegant and features many eye-catching details. For example, it’s interesting that there seem to be two distinct color palettes used for this décor. One includes black and white combinations and the other one tones of blue, purple, red and pink. It’s like there are two separated sides of the diplex. One is more formal and decorated with neutral colors and one is cozy and more colorful. It’s a delimitation created according to the functions of the rooms and the two orientations are seamlessly combined.

10.Last Nordic duplex.

Nordic style duplexView in gallery

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Our last pick is a classical Nordic interior. It’s a duplex from Stockholm, like many of the other presented above and has an interior where the attention to detail immediately stand out. In there, nothing has been overlooked. The duplex is very well organized, neat and well balanced. The distribution of the rooms however seems a little odd. The first floor contains the living room and two bedrooms while the kitchen is located on the top floor. There’s also a beautiful roof terrace. The interior design is very stylish and the accent pieces are really beautiful. The same goes for all the decorations.Which one you Like??{pictures from:Valvet,1 Kin Design,and Skeppsholmen}.