A Bunch Of Simple DIY Projects You Can Do With Twine

Twine is just the thing you need when you want to emphasize texture. Twine is used in a lot of DIY projects, sometimes even being the main materials and the focus on the entire project. Today we’ll take a look at a few such examples, revealing all the ways in which twine can be used to make a space more beautiful, whether for the home or office.

pencil holder4
pencil holder3
pencil holder
pencil holder1

Let’s start with something simple like a twine-wrapped pencil holder. For this project you’re going to need a cylindrical container which can be just about anything with the right shape and size, some acrylic paint, twine a paint brush and all purpose glue. Starting from the bottom of the container, start wrapping twine around it and secure it with glue as you go. Then, when that part is done, cover the container with paper, leaving the bottom portion exposed so you can paint it. You can find out more about the project on thecraftedblog.

Wraping twin around bottles

Wrapping twine around things is easy. The pencil holder described above is just one example. You can use a similar technique if you want, for example, to decorate a glass bottle and turn it into a vase or to simply make it look special if you plan of offering it as a gift. As usual, start with a little dab of glue at the bottom of the bottle. Attach one end of the twine and start wrapping. Cut off the excess when you reach the top. You can also decorate the bottle with cute little paper flowers as shown on cameocottagedesigns.

Twine candle holder

A candle holder can also be decorated with twine. You can find all the necessary details for such a project on theeffortlesschic. The supplies needed include a glue gun, a ball of twine, a candle holder (or more than one), some gold spray paint, scissors, painter’s tape and a plastic bag. Adhere the end of the twine to the glass candle holder, starting from the bottom. Start wrapping and glue as you go, until you reach the top. When you’re done mark a line at the bottom using tape and cover the rest of the candle holder with a bag. Apply gold paint to the bottom portion.

Frame twine wrapped

The cute photo frame featured on twinkleandtwine was decorated with colored yarn but you can easily do it with simple twine as well. To get this look you’ll need a simple wood frame, twine, tape, felt in assorted colors, a glue gun and scissors. Remove the back and the glass from the photo frame. Wrap twine around the edge of the frame and stop approximately 1 cm from the outer edge. Place tape over the ends and repeat for the opposite side of the frame. Then do the same thing for the other two sides. You can then also add a felt decoration to the frame.

Terracotta painted pot with twine

On thebeautydojo you’ll find the description for a simple DIY project showing you how to decorate a flower pot with twine. The materials required include twine, a foam brush, white paint, a terracotta pot, alphabet stamps and a glue gun. First you need to paint the pot white. Then wrap twine around the top portion of the pot, securing it with glue. At the end, stamp something on the pot. It can be a cute message or simply the name of the plant you wish to put in there.

Monogram letter wrapped with twine

You can also use twine to make a lovely monogram decoration which can be displayed on one of the walls in your home or offered as a gift. All you have to do is wrap twine all around the letter, using glue to keep it nice and lined up. When you’re done, glue on some fabric flowers or other ornaments.

Twine pear

Anything can look interesting and beautiful if you wrap it in twine, even a light bulb. In fact, that’s a wonderful idea for recycling old bulbs. You just need some twine, a glue gun and scissors. If you want to make the light bulb look like a pear, you’ll also need a small stick or twig for the stem. You’ll find all the necessary details for this project on sondraynathome.

Wedding table centerpiece with wrapped twine bottle

Twine-wrapped bottles can be used as centerpieces for a rustic or bohemian wedding. There’s no need for the centerpieces to look perfect. In fact, you can embrace and highlight their imperfections. Don’t try to have the twine wrapped perfectly lined up. It’s quite ok to have some small spaces show up between the lines.

Wine glass candle holder

Instead of glass bottles, you can choose to use jars as vases. These can be decorated with twine as well. And instead of wrapping twine all the way around the jar, completely covering it up, you can only cover the center portion which is flat and easy to work with.

Wine glass candle holder

The same idea can be applied to glasses. You have a few glasses wrapped in twine and placed upside down. They’ll function as candle holders allowing you to have a unique centerpiece for the table. This is an idea which can also be used at weddings. To give the twine-wrapped glasses a delicate and elegant look, you can also decorate them with lace and crocheted flowers.