DIY Ways Of Building Storage For Your Shoes

Of all the things you could build for your home, shoe storage units are among the easiest and most diverse options. There are so many ways in which you can create storage for shoes the list can go on and on. We’ve only gathered a few ideas. They range from simple shelves to more complex units with geometric structures and various combinations of styles.


You can be ingenious and re-purpose a furniture piece you already have or one that’s easy and to procure and inexpensive. A good example is the Ikea Lack TV unit which you can easily re-purpose into a shoe shelf. First you should remove the legs and cut off the leftover metal screw. You can then use a saw to cut the unit in two sections. You can make two storage units for shoes which you can mount on a wall at the desired heights. You’ll find more details about the transformation on ikeahackers.

wooden shoe rack

You’ll also be able to find a detailed tutorial showing you how to build a storage box shelf for shoes on abubblylife. This time you’re going to need some wood boards, table legs and some spray paint if you want to paint the tips of the legs gold or some other color. After cutting the boards you need to mark where you want the legs to be installed and to drill holes for them. Using four boards, form the frame to which you’ll be attaching the legs.

wire shoe storage rack

A much simpler option, in case you don’t have time to build a wood shoe unit or you simply don’t want to do it, is to use a piece of wire mesh. It can be cut into any shape you want (preferably something simple like a rectangle) and you can just let it lean on a wall. It’s great for heels because you can just hang them there without doing anything else. The idea comes from burkatron and can be customized in a lot of different ways.

cardboard geometric shoe storage

Let’s also have a look at a design that’s a bit more complex although not necessarily more complicated. You can make a storage unit for shoes using cardboard. Start with a large piece and score it in three equal sides. Tape the sides together into a triangular tube like shown on apieceofrainbow. This will be the first module. Repeat the process and make as many modules as you want. Remember to tape the front edges to give them a smooth look. Once you have all the modules, arrange them into rows and tape them onto thick pieces of cardboard. You can then stack the rows and admire your final creation.

hexagon shoe rack

The hexagon-shaped cubbies featured on designertrapped are not that difficult to build either. The only problem is you’re going to need 48 cuts of wood, all with the same dimensions. Each will have to be cut at a 30 degree angle. When they’ll all ready, it’s time to assemble the cubbies. Use glue to attach the pieces and to form hexagons. Let the glue dry and then stain them all. You can then start to arrange them however you want.

iron pipe shoe rack

If you want your shoe rack to have an industrial style, check out the step-by-step tutorial provided on instructables. To make the rack you’ll require metal connectors, pipes and flanges which you’ll have to clean with vinegar and then paint if you want to change their color. After you’re done with this part, focus on the shelves which are made of wood boards. Sand and stain the wood. Then assemble the whole composition.

ikea shelves shoe rack

Of course, there’s no need to complicate things if all you want is some simple open shelves. You can choose to simply have a few wood boards mounted on a wall. You can add such a feature wall to your walk-in closet for example. It works if you have a large collection of shoes.

reclaimed wood shoe rack

On the other hand, if you only have a few pairs of shoes, there’s no need for a lot of shelves or for a big unit. Something simple and small could be an ideal option. It could be a shelving unit with three or four levels which you could place next to the entrance door.

wood pallets entryway shoe rack

There’s also always the option to re-purpose a wooden pallet. You could use it as it is and simply mount it on a wall in your entryway but you could also modify it a little bit and turn it into a shelving unit so you can better store and organize all the shoes.

pallet shoe rack system

A different option you could choose if you don’t have more than 6 or seven pairs of shoes is to take apart the pallet and to create a box with a divider at the center. Use it as a storage unit for shoes. It could be an addition to the entryway and you could have your everyday pairs of shoes stored there so you can easily access them.{image from Palletables UK}.

bench with shoe storage

A pallet can also be used to make a rustic wooden bench with shelves underneath for storing shoes. The idea is very practical, allowing you to also add a seat to the entryway for anyone who prefers to sit down while putting on their shoes.