Modern apartment interior design in Romania

Bucharest-based studio Square ONE has designed the interior of this amazing apartment located in Bucharest, Romania. I looked for a moment on this apartment’s sketches, and I have noticed that it isn’t so big; it has the minimum of rooms for a family to live happily without missing anything. The whole space is like an entertaining area, with lots of spotlights that create an intimate but also modern atmosphere. On the left side of this dwelling, we can see the living area where the inhabitants can spend moments together during daytime.

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It is a bright room surrounded by from-floors-to-ceilings windows through which we can admire the city’s views. On an interesting brown surface that looks like a fireplace we can see the point of attraction of this room: a big flat screen TV where the family can watch movies staying on that black sofa or during preparing meals in the kitchen. This room isn’t separated at all from the living area; all the kitchen modules are part of the area, so they match perfectly with the rest of the furniture. We can see white granite plates and also lots of white appliances to respect the decorating theme from the whole apartment.

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The right side of this apartment is my favorite. There are three different bedrooms, two for children and the third, the biggest and the most beautiful – the master bedroom. I was impressed by the simple lines and the contrast between black and white, light and dark. The master bed and also the rest of the furniture is emphasized by hidden lights that create the impression of floating surfaces. In the left side we can see through a sliding glass wall a beautiful bathroom with modern appliances and plenty of white surfaces. In this room you can have privacy only if you pull the white curtain over the glass wall, so you can enjoy taking a long bath in the Jacuzzi.

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The second bedroom is also very modern and with plenty of light and white shiny surfaces. A baby cot is placed near the door, so the parents can get at their child as soon as possible when he’s crying. The room has also a private bathroom, filled with some of the most exclusive sanitary items and elegant decorations. The family has no reason to complain of lack of storage spaces, because they have a spacious room dedicated to clothing and personal items.