10 Ways to DIY Modern Art with Spray Paint

Art is a highly personal thing. Different aspects – color, size, composition, etc. – appeal to different viewers. This is one reason why DIY modern wall art is an appealing and intriguing idea. Why not create a piece of art that fits your space perfectly…in the colors and manner that fits perfectly with your style as well? The challenge with art is, it can be hard to achieve that look you’re after. Enter: spray paint, the great equalizer. Here are ten ways to DIY modern wall art by simply using spray paint. Enjoy!

1.Comfortable In Its Skin.

Spray paint art above the bed

If you’re creating art with spray paint, one way to do so is to make it obvious. A modern graffiti-type spray paint job on an oversized canvas, for example, might be just the thing to springboard your space toward a bit of modern edginess.{found on hegeinfrance}.

2.Glass-Half-Full Art.

Color dipped frames

If you’ve stumbled upon some “gems” of old art that need a modern twist, this idea is fantastic. Tape off about half of the artwork, including the frames, and spray paint in bright colors. The result is whimsical, funky, and awesome.{found on insidecloset}.

3. Large Modern Flowers.

Canvas art doily wall art

Spray paint a base coat (the color of your flower) onto a strung canvas board. Lay a doily (or silhouette of your choice) on top when the paint has dried, then spray paint the “background” color over the doily to create large, minimal-modern floral art.{found on thegoldlininggirl}.

4. 3D Menagerie.

Animal Menagerie

Cut various plastic animal toys in half (make sure they are similarly sized), then spray paint them all the same color. Mount them into a frame, like this matted one here. Plenty of white space and quirky content make this modern wall art something of a conversation piece, looking equally at home in either a kids’ or adults’ space.{found on harpershappenings}.

5. Modern Inspiration.

Letters on a canvas

The thing about modern wall art is that it’s simultaneously subtle and vivid. This gorgeous contemporary twist on traditional elements is a winner. Simply glue some cardboard or wooden letters onto a canvas, then spray paint over them, such as in this uneven ombre pattern. Beautiful, and so easy!

6. Modern Drip.

Modern Drip Canvas

On your canvas, paint (with acrylic or latex) a chunky stripe on the top third to half of your canvas. Then, with your canvas vertical, spray a couple of passes of metallic spray paint, and let it drip down the remaining half of your canvas. The finished result is abstract and oddly therapeutic.{found on tlisted}.

7. Abstract Ombre.

Modern Canvas with ombre effect

Snugly tape some wide yarn or string onto a piece of canvas, end to end and at varied angles. Choose spray paint colors that would make a beautiful ombre effect, then carefully spray the piece in thirds, with gentle overlapping of the colors so as to mimic an ombre. Then remove string for a totally modern piece of wall art.

8. Pet Silhouette.

Pet silhouette

Find a photo of a beloved pet where its silhouette is recognizable, and blow it up. Cut out the silhouette, then carefully center and tape it to a pre-painted canvas. Spray paint your favorite color around the silhouette, being careful to work in light strokes to minimize paint bleed. Peel the silhouette away, and enjoy your modern art homage to an important “family” member.

9. Geometric Lines.

Canvas geometric lines

Although this example shows colors with brush strokes, the same effect can easily be achieved with spray paint. Place painters tape in a geometric design (this herringbone is fantastic), then spray paint random “strokes” in your color scheme. Peel off tape as the paint dries, and you have created for yourself a gorgeous piece of customized modern wall art.

10. Gold Sunburst.

Outdoor fence decorted with spray painted frames

Spray paint a piece of canvas (size to your choosing) gold metallic. When this has thoroughly dried, use painters tape to mimic a burst of sunshine coming from the corner. Then spray paint over the taped canvas another color of your choice (recommended: a color from sunrise or sunset). Peel off tape, and enjoy your piece of manmade nature!{found on brit.co}.