Space-Saving Design In A 29 Square Meter Gothenburg Studio Apartment

29 square meters is not a lot of space, not even for a studio apartment. You would expect such a space to feel very tiny and crowded. However, it doesn’t have to be like that if you choose a clever interior design. Take this apartment for example. It’s located in Gothenburg and it’s smaller than it seems.

Studio scandinavian decor

As you can see the living room, the bedroom, the dining room and the home office are all part of the same area. Obviously, you would normally need a huge room to accommodate all these functions. But not if you plan everything vertically. In this apartment, the bedroom is actually raised off the floor so it doesn’t occupy any floor area. Underneath it is a desk which serves as a work area.

Studio scandinavian decor1

Studio scandinavian decor2

Studio scandinavian decor3

Studio scandinavian decor4

Studio scandinavian decor5

Studio scandinavian decor6

Studio scandinavian decor7

Studio scandinavian decor8

This leaves plenty of room for the seating area and even for a dining area. Although the space is small, it incorporates all these functions without a lot of effort. They are all nicely delimited and, instead of making the room feel tiny and cluttered, they actually make it seem very functional and practical. I guess you have it all even when the space is not in your favor. It’s a test of creativity and only the most ingenious minds can turn the odds in their favor.{found on bjurfors}.