Small Flat Takes Advantage Of Reduced Space In A Big Way

An apartment of only 28 square meters is considered really tiny by any standards. As a result, nobody expects it to be very efficient, comfortable or spacious. But things aren’t always as they seem. The Batipin Flat is a special case.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK minimal living room with balcony

Located in Milan, Italy, the apartment measures only 301 square feet which is around 28 square meters. But even though it’s very small, the apartment doesn’t leave you wanting more because it’s very well organized and perfectly designed to take maximum advantage of every inch of space.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK seating area

The apartment’s interior design was completed in 2015 and was a project by studioWOK, a company founded in 2009 in Milan which focuses on research in the fields of architecture, design and landscape. Their projects are customized for each client, aiming at creating a perfect balance between looms and functionality.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK active wall furniture

This is a small apartment which offers the comfort and elegance of a large residence. In order to allow the living area to be as spacious and airy as possible, the service areas were kept minimal. Both the kitchen and the bathroom are small and very simple but, of course, this doesn’t mean they lack character and style.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK hidden Murphy bed
Batipiin Flat by studioWOK fold down bed built into wall

The main space is an airy and inviting living area. Its design is simple and clean with two walls that hide all the furniture as well as a few other things, including a Murphy bed that folds down at night, sliding doors that offer access to the bathroom and kitchen, a closet and a compartment for the air conditioning unit.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK balcony with sliding door

The way in which the living room is designed offers it great flexibility. The fact that pretty much everything is hidden or embedded into the two active walls means that the living room can change its appearance and layout depending on the time of day or the needs or the users. The fact that it opens onto a balcony also gives it a big plus.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK living room turned into bedroom

Apart for these two walls, the living room design is minimal. The walls, the ceiling and even the floor are light-colored and all these white surfaces bring out the texture of the wood furniture. In addition, all the white combined with the minimalism boosts the brightness of the space, allowing the room to look and to feel lrger than in actually is.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK kitchen interior design

The bathroom and the kitchen are two blue boxes. They were painted a beautiful shade of turquoise. The kitchen has white furniture but only for the lower section. The walls are kept simple and free of cabinets, only featuring a few solid open shelves.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK turquoise bathroom interior

The same combination of white and turquoise is featured in the bathroom which has no furniture except for minimalist open shelves and compartments. The small square wall tiles used in the shower are a perfect match for the simple but cheerful décor chosen for the rest of this space.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK before floor plan

The transformation of the apartment’s layout and design was a drastic one. The space was completely reconfigured and restructured and this allowed it to boost its functionality and to become more space-efficient while staying very simple.

Batipiin Flat by studioWOK after floor plan