Small Apartment In Bucharest Defined By Flexibility And Comfort

When the floor space is limited, an open and flexible interior design is often the solution for this problem. Various options are available. One of them is to open up the spaces to each other and to rethink and restructure the traditional interior design of typical apartments. Apartment No. 3 was a project that got our interest in this sense.

No.3 apartment lounge area rug

The apartment is located in Bucharest, Romania, in a newly-built residential complex. It was designed in 2015 by Bogdan Ciocodeica and Diana Rosu, two architects with an interest in modern interior design, product design and urban projects. One of their most interesting projects is the Urban Lighthouse, a floating structure on the Dambovita river.

No.3 apartment living area

No.3 apartment lounge area

The No. 3 apartment measures around 50 square meters (538 square feet) which is definitely not a lot. Nevertheless, there’s nothing here that gives the impression of a tiny home or a crowded space. The architects made sure that this was a large and bright space and managed to make it visually pleasing as well as functional and cohesive throughout.

No.3 apartment living area bookcase

One of the goals of the project was to make the apartment look and feel comfortable and inviting and to give it that homely character and everyone desires. Everything inside the apartment was designed and adapted to suit those needs and requirements. At the same time, the architects wanted this to be a space that creates a positive state of mind and makes everyone feel good as soon as they enter.

No.3 apartment living and dining area
No.3 apartment dining area

The overall layout of the apartment is open and transparent. The traditional separations between the rooms and functions were not included here. Instead, an open plan incorporates the lounge space and the dining area. These two zones are organized with the help of a custom piece which serves as a storage unit and table. It provides back support for the sofa and wraps around it on one side forming a low bookcase-like unit.

No.3 apartment kitchen glass door

The kitchen and the bedroom are distinct rooms but share a strong visual connection with the living space. They feature doors with sleek metal frames and glass panels. The kitchen is quite spacious, featuring a counter top that wraps around the corner covering two adjacent walls. A large window brings natural light into the room.

No.3 apartment kitchen interior

The design here was kept simple and open, with white lower cabinetry, a matching counter and backsplash and a set of light wood modules casually disposed on a shelf and covering the upper portion of the backsplash wall. You can also see the dark background behind them and from there the exposed concrete ceiling.

No.3 apartment lounge and bedroom
No.3 apartment bedroom closed curtains

The concrete ceiling also defines the rest of the spaces, giving the apartment a subtle industrial look. There’s a very nice balance of colors here. Light tones are mixed with dark accent shades and there’s always a certain amount of natural wood. At the same time concrete, metal and glass and used in combination with wood and textiles for a harmonious composition.

No.3 apartment bedroom colors
No.3 apartment bedroom closet

The bedroom is enclosed by metal and glass walls and doors. This ensures a transparent layout throughout when desired. Long light curtains can cover three out of four walls, ensuring the needed privacy and offering the bedroom a very comfortable and relaxing look. Once again, a mixture of light and dark colors is used in combination with natural wood accents.

No.3 apartment bedroom lamps

No.3 apartment bedroom glass wall
No.3 apartment bedroom view of lounge

Special attention was gives to the lighting. Each room is unique in this sense. The interior lighting was adapted for every space and every corner of the apartment according to the nature of the room and the desired ambiance. Floor and table lamps make the apartment feel particularly inviting and comfortable.

No.3 apartment bathroom mirror
No.3 apartment bathroom sink