6 Farmhouse Rooms That Deserve a Beadboard Ceiling

When you’re house shopping, so many people gravitate to older homes. And you have to wonder, why is that? If you pay close attention, the draw towards older homes must be attributed to the details. Those charming little details that you won’t usually find in a newer house. Warm wooden floors, odd little windows, wide creamy trim and beautiful vintage door knobs, it’s these little things that you might not notice at first glance but are glaringly absent in new neighborhoods. However, you can take a new house and create a space that feels unique and storied. In case you missed it, beadboard ceilings are a quick way to improve a new home and give it that definite old farmhouse feel. Here are 6 rooms that deserve a beadboard ceiling in your home.

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When a person walks into your home, your living room is most likely one of the first spaces they’ll see. So decorating your living room is extremely important because it will set the tone of the rest of the house. When you shoot for farmhouse decor, you’re likely looking at linens, wood pieces and chunky weaves. But what about the ceiling? By covering your ceiling in beadboard, you’ve added a little extra pattern and texture to the space to give it a dimension that most living rooms can’t fathom.

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Kitchens are probably one of the most obvious spaces for a beadboard ceiling, usually because you’ll find beadboard in other places. Backsplash, cabinet fronts, chair rails, farmhouse kitchens are often fraught with beadboard. So it only makes sense that you’d give your kitchen ceiling the beadboard treatment. Also, since so many kitchens have stylized pendants, you’ll probably be looking up more than you would in other rooms. And do you want to see a popcorn ceiling? We didn’t think so.

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Are you seeing a trend in the farmhouse dining rooms? Lantern lighting above a long farmhouse table. It’s so classic there just isn’t a reason to divert from the style… except for one thing. Add that beadboard ceiling. Even if your dining room is already covered in shiplap. With such a beautiful chandelier hanging above your table, that simple texture above it all, bringing everything together, will wrap it up like icing on the cake.

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The bathroom is most likely the second most expected room to have beadboard someplace in it. But it’s no wonder. In such a small space, it can be expensive to really give it the unique elements you want for your perfect bathroom. However, beadboard on the ceiling is a quick, out of the way solution that will bring a little farmhouse character to your space no matter what the rest of the room looks like. So don’t shell out on tile and marble before you try it!

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While the bedroom is the most private room in your home and unlikely to be seen by anyone but you and your immediate family, it is still important to create a space that is beautiful, inspiring and relaxing. Nobody likes a boring bedroom, even if it doesn’t entertain the guests. So while you’re mulling over paint colors and curtains and bedding, go ahead and cover your ceiling in beadboard. It will provide great texture to start with and is especially friendly for bedrooms under the eaves with lots of slanted walls that won’t hold picture frames.

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Okay so it’s not actually a room, but so many farmhouse style homes have some kind of outdoor area for entertaining and relaxing. A porch, a sunroom, the front stoop, you have to think about these areas just as much as your indoor area to complete your farmhouse home. As you paint the door and look for fun outdoor lighting, put some beadboard on the ceiling. When you have beadboard ceilings indoors, extending them outside gives your home a nice flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces.