Roman Shower Stalls For Your Master Bathroom

Have you ever wanted to try out a Roman shower? And we’re not talking about the historical kind, instead we’re talking about the modern, sleek and spacious showers that are made in your home and set as a type of alcove. No shower curtain in needed, because the shower becomes a small room in and of itself. Let’s take a peek at 10 modern Roman shower stalls that would be a luxurious and enjoyable addition to your master bathroom.

Modern Sheers.

Modern bathroom with chandelier and roman shower doorlessView in gallery

This Roman shower is a modern architectural design with beautiful, window walls. It keeps the bathroom quite spacious and allows for more light to flow through the area.

Glass Bricks.

Glass shower bricksView in gallery

Are you not in instant love with these glass brick walls? With this type of layout there’s not need for a curtain. You and the special someone you share the space with can utilize this area every morning without worrying about using up all the hot water. You can come and go as you please!

Marble Layers.

Marble layers bathroom designView in gallery

Here’s just another example of a modern, Roman shower stall. Created inside a nook and made with both marble and glass windows, it’s quite a beautiful experience.

Minimal Nook.

Minimal traditional shower nook archedView in gallery

At first glance, this nook looks like an actual room, but in reality with that beautiful lighting and minimalistic feel, it’s the shower! If you have the space, use it and create something magical and enjoyable.

Rustic Turn.

Traditional rustic bathroom roman showerView in gallery

Turn the corner in this slightly rustic and homey space and you’ll end up in the shower! We love how simple and welcoming this bathroom is, it’s perfect for a family.{found on oldhampshiredesigns}.

Separate Space.

Separate space for showerView in gallery

The rounded walk-in Roman shower in this bathroom is such a great addition to such a large, master bath. There are also multiple shower heads inside giving you water works at every angle.{found on site}.

Smaller Charm.

Roman shower walk inView in gallery

Even if you don’t have an abundance of space in the bathroom that doesn’t mean you can create a smaller version of a Roman shower, just take a look at this charmer!

Tiled Corner.

Full tiled bathroom wood matsView in gallery

Take your Roman shower down a notch and into a more traditional level by completing it with neutral tiling. It’ll keep your homey home still comfortable but with an upscale beat.

Chic Separator.

Luxury spa bathroom touch roman shower and freestanding tubView in gallery

We are loving the chic, sharpness of this bathroom. In fact, the one things that is separating the tub from the shower is the clear glass wall.{found on vidabelodesign}.

Curved Mosaic.

Curved mosaic shower wallView in gallery

This curved mosaic shower system is beautiful. It’s definitely a more contemporary take on a classic Roman shower but it is beautiful and functional nonetheless.