Modern Storage Bed Collection from Hulsta

This items presented here are part of the VENERO II collection by Hulsta. The double bed design includes a important storage unit.Depending on the model  these beds feature drawers underneath , a very spacious storage space as a matter of fact. The spaces offered for storage doesn’t stop here. This unit comes with additional bedside room very well compartmented and with a few engineering tricks, allowing users to open or to place everything as we desire.

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An outstanding   feature for these beds feature a headboard, that invites you to lean back and relax. The colors and materials for this collection varies, so people can choose whatever they need for their interior setting. For example cocoa lacquered accents brings life into the major white surfaces. Another interesting aspect for these bed is height.

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The luxury Venero II compact bed system is not only very comfortable for lying, getting up and so on, but it makes possible the practical storage  drawers under each side of the bed. Natural  wood color is very pleasant to the eye and if you  are lucky to have plenty of it as a building material around the house you will definitely love the item shown here, for many reasons, the most important being the fact that it emanates warmth and a cozy feeling that enhances and stimulates your comfort and aesthetic senses.