Modern light blue loft kitchen in Los Angeles

The key to creating a modern kitchen décor is not in the type of materials you choose or all the little details. It’s in the overall look that you create. You can successfully incorporate a multitude of styles in your design and still create a modern décor. This kitchen, for example, in a nice case to analyze.

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Located in downtown Los Angeles, this kitchen is part of a loft. The kitchen has an overall modern look but if you look closely you’ll see that it’s just an appearance. Notice that the ceiling and a small portion of the walls is covered in bricks. The kitchen is part of an open floor plan that also seems to include a dining or maybe living area. The brick ceiling is definitely a unique feature. However, the kitchen itself is quite surprising featuring also a blackboard.

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The most eye-catching element in this space is probably the beautiful color of the cabinets. The slightly transparent blue cabinets were made by Italian brand Scavolini. They are great for storing utensils and all sorts of supplies and items usually useful in the kitchen. They create a nice contrast with the wooden floors and the brick ceiling.

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The kitchen also has a minimalist metal island. It’s very practical and functional and it goes well with the overall modern look. There’s also one more interesting element in there. It’s the tall black chalkboard column. Chalkboard surfaces have become more and more popular lately. They are a playful addition to our home and they also have a practical side. Overall, the kitchen is minimalist, modern and efficient.{found on apartmenttherapy}.