Modern and Contemporary Kitchen from Aster

Every day I learn something. For example today I learnt that “acciaio” is the Italian for “steel”. And I found that in a very simple way: by looking for a special design for my kitchen. I am renovating so I wanted some inspiration for what my future kitchen will look like after that. And I realized there is a tendency these days of combining the kitchen with the living room and getting a bigger and more open space used for both cooking and spending time with family and friends. And this is possible thanks to all the technological gadgets that will make your house look great and make your life easier.

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This contemporary Aster kitchen is amazing and it is called acciaio because of the amazing metallic look of the front of the furniture and kitchen. It is dark and shiny, all beautiful and modern, separating the two spaces. You have everything you need there, all the modern equipment you might need in a kitchen and everything look sort of post-modernist.

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Do notice the metallic and shiny ornaments on the countertop and the very practical, yet breathtakingly modern and nice metallic pieces that are the defining feature for this kitchen. Get more inspiration on the Italian manufacturer web site.