20 Lavender Nurseries Full of Romance And Style

Lavender shades are soft and romantic. No matter if you’re looking at a pastel that’s closer to blue – like purple – or closer to red – like violet, this feminine shade is such a beautiful addition to any home. And when it comes to nurseries, lavender can truly evoke a welcoming, warm sense that’s full of style. Let’s take a peek at 20 different example of real-life designs we love!

1. Victorian + Modern

Victorian and modern nursery room in lavender

Here’s a unique take on a classic nursery and we love it! It’s the perfect pairing of both modern styles and Victorian delicacies.{found on littlecrowninteriors}.

2. Charming + Traditional

Levender charming nursery room with a round crib

And here’s a nursery that blends both charming and traditional styles. We’re in love with the chocolate brown finish that compliments this lighter purple shade.

3. Light + Bright

Vaulted ceiling for a nursery room

Even with more romantic shades you can create a space that’s falloff light and bright, upbeat personality, This room screams happy smiles and welcoming warmth.{found on rockwoodcustomhomes}.

4. Royal + Classic

Royal classic lavender nursery room

And this nursery is filled with Victorian spirit but also a royal, classic feel. The addition of the black and white duo gives the extra burst of sophistication.{found on redleafinteriors}.

5. Funky + Clean

Funky clean nursery room

Clean and crisp but with a burst of funk, this room is stunning. The lavender creates a mellow foundation while the teal carpet pops just like it should.{found on raddesign}.

6. Trendy + Happy

Chevron rug and lavender walls for nursery

Here’s a room that incorporate lots of trendy accents and a stylish, happy personality. Starting with lavender and gray, everything is topped off with owls and chevron!

7. Sophisticated & Minimal

Minimalist lavender nursery room

Mostly white but accented with a pale, lavender wall, we’re in love with the minimalistic style of this gorgeous nursery. Just look at the sweet coral accents making a pretty contrast!{found on davidcannonphotography}.

8. Glam + Girly

Glam lavender nursery room

There’s something really glamorous about this lavender nursery. It may be the mirrored wall or the scalloped lamp in the corner, but we’re loving its girlish charm.{found on rockabyemommy}.

9. Pink + Contemporary

Lavender lighting and blanket

Mixed with pink, you’ll get a classic, feminine nursery for your little one to enjoy. And what we’re swooning for in this space is the contemporary styling and design.{found on aahirsch}.

10. Natural + Free

Natural free lavender color

Paired with the natural-colored wood, this lavender nursery has a very natural and easy style to it. There’s a freeing quality that will be really relaxing for your baby girl.{found on paulschulman}.

11. Vintage + Luxury

Vintage luxury nursery room

There’s vintage style hidden in the accents and there’s a luxury hidden in the walls. We’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with this lavender masterpiece.{found on rococodesign}.

12. Cozy + Warm

cozy nursery room with a lavender accent

Here’s a nursery that has a more traditional overall feel. From the walls to the furniture, it’s got a cozier and warmer nature than some other designs.{found on cicicrib}.

13. Haze + Artistic

Wall art in lavender for a gray nursery room

There’s a artistic and sophisticated edge swirling around this nursery. And we’re loving the haze-like approach made when choosing lavender shades.

14. Soothing + Romantic

Romantic nursery room

The lavender used in this nursery are found in the details. From artwork to the curtains on the windows, this is a great shade to play with and adorn with.

15. Whimsical + Soft

Soft decor for a nursery room in lavender

Whimsical, soft and an infusion of Mother Nature, all come together in this nursery to create something really special and comforting for a new baby to enjoy.{found on evinphotography}.

16. Grandiose + Chic

Grandios lavender nursery room

There is so much to love about this chic pink and lavender nursery. Full of modernism and beautiful details, this may be the most refined of the bunch.

17. Shabby + Southern

Shabby nursery room in lavender

Here’s a nursery that evokes a bit of southern charm and shabby chic elegance. From the distressed furniture to the beautiful prints, we love it all.

18. Textured + Stylish

Textured stylish nursery room in lavender

Dive into this textured and super stylish nursery filled with prints, patterns and fun accents. We’re loving the lavender sewn throughout the design but we also love the cream and taupe counterparts.{found on remodelandolacasa}.

19. Eclectic + Fashionable

Fashionable nursery room

There’s a fashionable ambiance swirling around this room as well. Filled with lavenders, hot pinks and golds, your baby will be the coolest of the bunch

20. Simple + Sweet

Simple and sweet nursery room

Here’s a simple lavender nursery that’s been paired with a light, neutral gray to keep its foundation. You don’t have to fill the room up for it to be beautiful.