How To Design A Scandinavian Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you drink your morning coffee to get your daily dose of energy, where you socialize with your guests and where you prepare all those delicious meals. It has to be welcoming but it also needs to be practical. Scandinavian designs perfectly combine these functions.

Light colors.

White accents for nordic kitchenView in gallery

White accents for nordic kitchen1View in gallery

White accents for nordic kitchen2View in gallery

Scandinavian kitchens are usually very bright and simple. They often feature white as the main color and sometimes it’s complemented by a second accent color which is usually black. So pick the color palette carefully and try to keep it as simple as possible.

Exposed bricks.

Nordic kitchen exposed bricksView in gallery

Nordic kitchen exposed bricks1View in gallery

Nordic kitchen exposed bricks2View in gallery

It’s common for Scandinavian interior designs to include exposed brick walls. In the kitchen, such a feature can be a focal point for a white décor. Mount crisp white cabinets on the brick wall for contrast but don’t cover it completely.

White and wood.

White and wood scandinavian accents1View in gallery

White and wood scandinavian accentsView in gallery

A white kitchen featuring wood accents definitely has Scandinavian charm. Try reclaimed wood floors or wooden furniture. Typically, very light shades look best in a white room. You should also include a few contrasting details like a black pendant or a striped area rug.

Different textures.

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Swedish kitchen different texturesView in gallery

Try to also include different textures in your kitchen. For example, you can have glossy cabinets with a wooden countertop, some industrial light fixtures and a beautiful area rug. Spread them out for a cohesive and well-balanced design. You can also wallpaper one of the walls.

Open shelves.

Scandinavian open shelves kitchenView in gallery

The key to a simple and airy kitchen design is not overwhelming the space with furniture. Open shelves are excellent because they offer you the storage space you need without looking robust. And you can also display everyday items on them.