Häcker 1090 Kitchen Collection

To redesign a kitchen or to add some modern appliances often requires a lot of money.The little things make the difference when it comes to beautify the kitchen. For example, we use ceramic (earthenware or stoneware) with trims, shapes and colors instead of the special pot holder or wooden cutter.A German kitchen manufacter comes with a line of kitchens that can impress your taste.

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Häcker a German company revealed their kitchen collection, wich is always a place of creativity.They make great kitchens because the kitchen provides great inspiration—culinary and otherwise.The 1090 collection offers a wide variety of cabinet and storage options, open and closed.

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The green and red version are two colors that are mostly found in kitchen.The green color add energy to the room and making is seem more exciting.Teh red one is both vigorous and relaxed,giving a special feel to the kitchen.

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Posted in Kitchen on August 26, 2009

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