Grey in Home Decor: Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

“Grey is the new beige.” You may have heard this a time or two over the last decade or so. But before you switch everything in your home to reflect grey (too late), it’s important to take a minute and try to differentiate between grey as a passing trend OR grey as a classic, ever-relevant color in home décor.

How grey can be the new beige
Natural grey living room with reclaimed wood floor

But which is it? Will our pewter walls and charcoal club chairs automatically date our homes to the 20-teens in twenty years? Or is the hue likely to be as applicable then as it is now?

Grey is a colorless for bedroom

Grey is almost like a colorless color. Technically, it is the halfway point between white and black, which makes it like a total neutral. In reality, of course, greys do trend to lean toward one end of the color temperature spectrum or another.{found on maletzdesign}.

grey pairs perfectly with almost every other color or color palette

Being the complete neutral that it is, grey pairs perfectly with almost every other color or color palette. The important thing to consider when working with grey as a space’s primary neutral is the lightness or darkness of the grey itself in relation to the rest of the space.

Grey and blush pink colors

In such a versatile situation, grey makes an excellent color choice for high-ticket and/or statement pieces in a space. Think sofas, cabinetry, concrete, or countertops.

types of home décor elements

These types of home décor elements are not easily rotated out each season, but because they are (now) often grey, the seasons may come and go while the space retains its relativity and integrity of style.

Neutral grey living room

It is this pure neutrality of grey, unlike other neutrals that have been The It over time, that gives the color its timeless appeal.

Bathroom with a grey tones

Of course, grey tones are flexible, and the hues within greys used in home décor will likely move over time. For example, as opposed to beige, which tends to have red undertones for warmth, grey neutrals in home décor have moved toward hints of blue and even purple undertones.{found on dylynnedecor}.

Modern living room with a touch of grey

This lean toward the cooler end of the spectrum gives grey rooms a more modern aesthetic.

Scandinavian touch with grey accents for living

Not only does grey work well as an “invisible” neutral foundation for a space, the color can also wear other proverbial hats in timeless décor.

Modern white living room with few touches of grey

Its use in modern white spaces can emphasize the brightness and/or industrial appeal of such a space. Neutral grey lays the foundation to highlight other hues as well.

Grey tones that stand alone

The color is not a one-trick pony. Grey tones can stand alone. It can mix with other colors equally well and beautifully.

Grey color can be a trendy and modern choose

For these reasons, we feel that grey will take a pass on trendiness and instead have serious staying power in home décor.