10 Gorgeous Fireplace Screens for Every Home

As the weather gets colder, lighting a fire in your fireplace is one of the fastest ways to bring coziness into your home. But some people worry about their small children and pets getting to close to the flames. Fortunately there is a simple way to bring the heat to your living room while keeping the danger out of reach. Enter the fireplace screen. It’s been used for a very long time to protect homes and people from stray sparks and nowadays, they have some really beautiful ones that are a work of art even without a flame behind it. Take a look at these 10 gorgeous fireplace screens and decide which style fits best in your living room.

Minimal fireplace screen

For the minimalist home, you don’t need a scrawly fancy fireplace screen. A simple brass screen like this will look great on your hearth and keep on adding sparkle to your room without much fuss. (via Crate and Barrel)

Morroccan fireplace screen

Bohemian home dwellers, this moroccan fireplace screen is for you. While it may not have the color you would wish, I will assume that your patterned rugs and pillows and curtains will make up for it. (via Domino)

Artsy fireplace screen

I saw this fireplace screen and thought “wow!” It is the perfect piece to sit in front of the logs in your sleek modern home. It will do it’s job to protect your pad and it will continue to look amazing when the embers are cold. (via Neiman Marcus)

Chevron fireplace screen

Chevron is such a classic and modern pattern. This is the kind of fireplace screen you’ll want in a home that you strive to keep family friendly. It will look sweet and welcoming among your bright colors and photos of your kids. (via Crate and Barrel)

Masculine fireplace screen

Bachelors, I didn’t forget about you. You’ll definitely want to fall for the clean lines and simple pattern of this fireplace screen. There’s just something about it that could fit right into a lord’s castle or a hunting lodge, don’t you think? (via West Elm)

Hogwarts fireplace screen

I’m positive this fireplace screen was made for the movie geeks. It looks exactly like it belongs at Hogwarts. Invite your Harry Potter crazy friends for butterbeer and they’ll think so too. (via Neiman Marcus)

Patterned fireplace screen

Isn’t the pattern of this screen just wonderful? If you like the art deco style of the 20’s and 30’s, you simply must have this fireplace screen for your living room. It will add that art deco flair whether you have a fire blazing or not! (via West Elm)

Branches fireplace screen

Any home that is decorated in a rustic style, French or otherwise, and has a fireplace needs this screen. The white branches will complement all the other natural tones you have going on in your space. (via Neiman Marcus)

Peacock fireplace screen

Are you trying to put as much color into your home as possible? This peacock fireplace screen will help! The swirling blues and purples promise that they’ll steal the show in your living room, just like a proper peacock would do. (via Pier 1 Imports)

Classic fireplace screen

So maybe you just want a fireplace screen that’s a little fancy but not any particular style. You got it. The curls and swoops of this design will bright a luxe feeling to your fireplace while fitting into whatever style you’re wanting in your living room. (via Horchow)