Attic Apartment Blends French Beauty And Rustic Charm

A big problem with a lot of attic apartments is the lack of natural light. The sloped walls and low ceiling don’t allow large or full-height windows to be installed and the alternative is a series of skylights. Architects and designers deal with this issue in a variety of ways. Prisca Pellerin, a team of curious and inspired architects and designers with an experience of 9 years showed us one of the options when they renovated this attic apartment in Ivry-sur-Seine, France. Their objective has always been to share their passion for architecture and design with their clients by creating tailored spaces that resemble their owners.

Attic apartment in France living areaView in gallery

This apartment was renovated in 2013 and the project was called “Habiter sous les toits” which translates as “Living under the roofs”. The main objective in this case was to open up the apartment in order to let more natural light in and to allow it to look spacious and bright despite the small dimensions.

Attic apartment in France living room low furnitureView in gallery

The strategy was simple: decompartmentalization and transparency throughout. In other words, some of the spaces were connected, forming an open floor plan and all the functions were allowed to communicate with each other. There’s a central corridor that links all the individual spaces. Although it’s narrow. It looks and feels bright and open.

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The kitchen is small, minimalist and discreet and it opens onto the living area. A small kitchen island that doubles as a bar is one of the elements that separate these two functions. A more eye-catching one would be the supporting wooden beam and attached sill that also marks the point where the wood and concrete floors meet.

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The beams are a beautiful feature that adds a rustic touch to the apartment, blending the old and the new in a seamless and very pleasant way. The brick walls have a similar although less striking impact on the rustic décor.

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The living area is where you can best see this unique combination of styles. In here, the wooden beams, the floor, the brick wall sections and the use of minimalist furniture work together to create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. There’s also another thing to notice in here: the abundance of potted plants that give the space a fresh look.

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A small sectional is placed in a corner of the space and this allows it to form a very comfortable and cozy seating area. As you can see, the décor is kept simple throughout and, because of the sloped and low ceilings, all the furniture is low-height.

Attic apartment in France central corridorView in gallery

Attic apartment in France corridorView in gallery

The central corridor offers access to the bathroom and the bedroom. The bedroom is very simple. It features a wood platform on which the mattress sits and it forms a low raised cabinet at one end. The platform offers storage inside, keeping the rest of the room open and clutter-free.

Attic apartment in France bedroom platformView in gallery

The bathroom is small but roomy and practical. A built-in tub sits on the right while the left portion accommodates a rustic shelving unity/ vanity with a rustic washbasin on top. The washing machine is tucked behind a white curtain.

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Attic apartment in France bathroom skylighView in gallery

The transformation of the apartment was not drastic but this doesn’t make it any less impressive. The previously damaged and outdated attic apartment became a welcoming space defined by both rustic and modern elements. The design was kept clean and simple throughout. The décor features shades of white and gray for a light and open feel. In addition, a variety of textures and materials were used in order to create a balanced and harmonious look throughout. Glossy lacquered surfaces were combined with matte and satin paint, polished concrete, leather, linen, brick and wood and the result is exquisite.

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Attic apartment in France bathroom vanityView in gallery