Flexible Family Apartment Full Of Original Design Solutions

When your architect or designer is full of creative ideas, what you get is a one-of-a-kind home created to perfectly respond to your needs. Want more details? Take a look at this apartment located in Moscow, Russia.

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It was a project by architectural studio Ruetemple which can honestly say they have a creative solution for everything. They completed the new design in 2015 and they customized the space for a family with two children.

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The clients wanted this 80 square meter space to be functional but in a simple way and without lacking character. So the architects had to get creative and to come up with personalized design solutions in order to offer each space individuality.

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They envisioned the living room as a multifunctional space. It has a flexible layout and allows multiple different configurations to be created depending on the occasion and mood. In order to be obtain that look, the team used mobile and modular furniture.

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The living room features a total of seven modules on wheels which can rearranged and reorganized in a variety of different ways depending on the occasion and activity. So, for example, if the clients want to entertain guests, they simply use the modules to create a comfortable ambiance or if they want to play board games as a family, they simply arrange everything as desired.

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In addition to these seven modules, the living room also includes 4 armchairs, 2 comfortable poufs and a coffee table. They two are easy to move and to rearrange. A few elements remain fixed. They include the wall-mounted TV and the corner shelves. Everything else, including the suspended table hanging from the ceiling on one side and attached to the wall on the other, contributes to an overall very flexible décor.

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A black cube placed to the left of the entrance serves as another multifunctional module. It integrates a variety of features including a coat rack, a shoe rack, a closet, a series of built-in cupboards and a bathroom.


Its simple and compact appearance allows it to maintain the minimalist look the clients wanted while also responding to their need for increased functionality and flexibility. In addition to everything, this cube is covered with black chalkboard paint, making it really fun for the kids as well.


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On the wall opposite to the cube there’s a marker paint board which the kids also find interesting and fun. It also adds a bit of symmetry to the décor in combination with the table suspended with a chain from the concrete ceiling beam.

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The children’s area is a 16 meter space divided into two zones by a play set at the center. This yellow module includes a variety of features such a rope ladder, a hammock and small windows. It’s a fun and safe play environment for the kids.

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The rest of the space is divided into a sleeping quarter on one side and a study space on the other. The sleeping zone is simple and cozy, featuring an exposed brick wall and a double headboard with built-in storage. There’s also additional storage under the platform.

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The study zone features a staircase made up of several box-like modules with built-in storage drawers and a wall-mounted shelf desk on the other side which is attached to the loft bed platform via a series of shelves.

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