14 Feminine Touches to Add to Your Small Apartment

There is just something so satisfying about having your own space to style how you like. Now before you dismiss this post because you live in a small apartment and you think you’ll wait until you buy that house to really decorate, hear me out. Girlfriend, you don’t need the square footage to create a space you’ll really and truly love. Yeah, there are so many tips and tricks out there to help you make the most of your small space, but I’m not talking about the space-saving tricks. I’m talking about real decorating decisions that you can use to make even the smallest space into a feminine paradise you won’t want to leave. Take a look at these 14 feminine touches to add to your small apartment and decide to pamper whatever square footage you’ve got.

Youre like really pretty doormat

Even in the tiny studio apartments, you still have a front door to call your own! Make a major first impression before you even open the door. Choose a pretty doormat and maybe a fancy flowered knocker or a gorgeous typography apartment number. They’ll always welcome you home with a smile. (via Etsy)

Feminine luxe feeling

One thing every home has is lighting of some kind. Check with the landlord and if you get the thumbs up, replace the lighting in your space with the sparkliest chandelier you can find. It will definitely give your apartment a luxe feeling. (via Flying House)

Original artwork with a feminine touch

Nothing says grown up boss lady like original artwork. Splurge on that gorgeous painting from your favorite artist and hang it front and center in your apartment. Bonus points if there’s pink in it someplace. (via Apartment Therapy)

Long draped curtains

Adding curtains to a room is probably the fastest way to make that room feel like home. Just because you rent the space doesn’t mean you have to stick with the bare blinds. Invest in some curtains that will brush the floor and give a bit of warmth to the room. (via Domaine)

Clear acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture has been on trend for quite a while now. Good thing because it’s actually a great way to style up and stay visually pretty. Things look less cluttered if you can see through them, hence the need for a clear acrylic bookcase like this! (via Rue Mag)

Pretty coffee table books

If you have a coffee table, use the horizontal space to your advantage. Pile up the pretty books that will act as decoration as much as anything else. The jewelry display idea is extra but I totally approve. (via Robolikes)

Pretty patterned storage

Let’s talk about storage. Every space has it, no matter how small. If the storage in your apartment is visible to the world, just make sure it’s pretty okay? Go for stripes and polka dots and metallic glitz. (via Style Caster)

Freestanding closet behind door

Every woman tries to curate her closet into something she really adores. So don’t be afraid to put all those pretty fabrics on display in your bedroom. An open rack will only encourage you to make wise purchases. (via Domaine)

Adding the bar cart

Before you decide you don’t have space for a bar cart, take another look. You can replace a chair or a side table with one and suddenly you have a whole new space to decorate with pretty glasses and bottles. (via Style Caster)

Feminine throw pillows

Maybe you have a tiny couch and a bed. Maybe you only have space for the daybed that serves as both. Either way, you do have seating in your apartment. So go for the fluffy throw pillows and the flowered throw pillows and all the throw pillows that make you feel happy inside. (via Britta Nickle)

Feminine kitchen serveware

Here’s another space plus looks tip. When choosing your cookware and serveware in your tiny apartment, be sure it’s something lovely that you won’t mind putting out in front of guests. Who cares if it’s just you on a Thursday night, a marble cheese plate covered in chips and guacamole will make it feel fancier. (via Domaine)

Small nightstnad and wall mounted light

Don’t leave all your pretty bottles and jewelry dishes to decorate the bathroom counter. Steal some to style your bedside table too. Then add a pretty print and voila! You’ll be Instagramming first thing every morning. (via Popsugar)

Mixing patterns

When spaces are small, you can’t be afraid to just go for it. So when you find a pattern that you love but doesn’t really match the rug, smile and get it anyway. If it makes you happy, it will match. (via Domaine)

Flashy neon sign

The most important thing about any feminine apartment is that you include something flashy. Just because it’s your space and you can do what you like without needing anyone else’s approval! Go for the neon or the gold wallpaper or the large floral tapestry, whatever femininity floats your girly boat. (via Style Me Pretty)