Eclectic Apartment Design Proposes A Fresh New Style

This is an apartment design conceptualized by INT2architecture, a multidisciplinary team that believes the answer to most questions can be found somewhere between rational and irrational thinking, which is why their name is a combination of two words, intuition and intellect. When designing this space, they focused on creating large, open spaces and inviting decors.


The social area is composed on an airy and bright living room, an open kitchen, a dining zone and a small home office. The apartment is located close to St. Petersburg in Russia and was designed in 2014.


A really interesting design detail is the balcony. It was integrated into the apartment and envisioned as a plywood box. It functions as a dining area and it stands out and serves as a distinct area although it’s part of a large open plan. By integrating the apartment into the social area, the team planned on bringing more natural light in and allowing the large window and the forest views to become a part of the overall décor.


The kitchen is minimalist and mostly white. It features a whitewashed exposed brick wall, white-painted ceiling beams and cord lighting. The cabinetry is white and modern and a two-toned island separates it from the rest of the social zone.


The dining space is really beautiful. The architects managed to maximize the usable space in the original balcony by eliminating the walls and, at the same time, turned this space into a really cozy and comfortable nook.


Two oversized pendant lamps complement a simple and chic table and a set of mismatched dining chairs with classical and traditional designs. A shelving system completes the look.


The whole apartment is eclectic. The team combined contemporary, Scandinavian and mid-century modern elements to create a one-of-a-kind décor and an ambiance that envelopes the space in a very relaxing and welcoming aura. The seating area in the actual living room is a perfect way to describe the overall color palette employed here. A neutral base is complemented by bright touches of color and pastels and a series of prints and patters make the composition harmonious.


The bookcase unit in the living room has a secret. Besides serving as a storage and display system for all the books, it also doubles as a space divider, hiding a small home office and framing a piano nook.


The apartment also includes a large walk-in closet equipped with open shelving, clothes racks and drawers, also designed to make organization easy. A small laundry room features a black and white patterned floor, hampers, wall-mounted cabinetry and a fresh and simple look throughout.


The bedroom is like a breath of fresh air. Its two-toned walls that combine white and ocean blue set a nautical theme which is emphasized by the small red accent, breezy textures and charming accessories and decorations such as the belt-framed wall mirror.


A similar ambiance defines the bathroom but the colors here are a bit darker and simpler. A leaning shelving system is strategically placed by the tub and two different tile patterns meet to create a quirky décor.